usa Whiting Field NAS South Airport

Milton, Florida

Satellite and aerial maps of NAS Whiting Field with nearby locations

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1.3345KNSE NAS Whiting Field North, Florida
8.71642R4 Peter Prince Field, Florida
26.7219KNDP NAS Ellyson Field, Florida
37.5212FL85 Pensacola Baptist Hospital Heliport, Florida
40.8228KNUN Saufley Field, Florida
44.7135KHRT Hurlburt Field, Florida

1943 to present

30 42 45 secs N - 87 1 6 secs W
5km N of Milton, FL
Elevation: 177 feet

Naval Air Station Whiting Field, actually two airfields sharing a common support base, is one of the US Navy's two primary pilot training bases (the other being NAS Corpus Christi in Texas). Home to Training Air Wing FIVE provides training for US Navy, US Marine Corps, US Coast Guard, USAF and those of several allied nations.

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List of units at NAS Whiting Field

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YearsRotary Wing Aircraft Unitbold : Current Model
normal: Unit no longer at this base
2007/    HT-28206 2007/   
1973/    HT-8206 1968/   
1972/    HT-18TH-1L Iroquois 1972/83
206 1972/   

List of aircraft and events at NAS Whiting Field

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By Date | By Serial

1984-nov-25 TH-57A Sea Ranger157355 / E-39
2006-oct-24 MH-60S Seahawk165771
2008-dec-16 US NavyTH-57B Sea Ranger163313
2010-oct-20 MH-60S Seahawk167870
2010-oct-20 MH-60S Seahawk167844
2013-oct-23 AgustaWestland PhiladelphiaAW119Kx KoalaN499SM
2014 US NavySH-60B Seahawk164462
2014-oct-31 Bell Helicopter407GXN722MT
2014-oct-31 AgustaWestland PhiladelphiaAW119Kx KoalaN499SM
2015-may US Marine CorpsCH-46A152528
2016-oct-25 AgustaWestland PhiladelphiaAW119Ke KoalaN119HF
2017-oct-26 AgustaWestland PhiladelphiaAW119Kx KoalaN194NT
2018-jun US NavyTH-57B Sea Ranger163345

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