usa NAS Patuxent River

Patuxent River, Maryland

12.52852W6 St Mary County Regional, Maryland
15.4187 Webster Field, Maryland
64.9 27KESN Easton / Newnam Field, Maryland
67.43012W5 Indian Head, Maryland
70.5325KADW Andrews AFB, Maryland
76.2316 Gaylord National Convention Center, Maryland

1942 to present

38° 17' 9.95'' N - 76° 24' 42.11'' W
Lexington Park, MD
Elevation: 25 feet

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YearsRotary Wing Aircraft Unitbold : Current Model
normal: Unit no longer at this base
1975/    VX-20 ForceMQ-8C Fire Scout 2015/   
1970/    VX-1 PioneersMQ-8A/B Fire Scout 2006/   
s-70 H-60 1983/   
1949/    HX-21 BlackjackCH-53K King Stallion 2017/   
v-22 Osprey 2004/   
1945/    USNTPSUH-72A Lakota 2009/   
TH-6B Cayuse 1991/09

News about this location

CH-53K Lifted a Joint Light Tactical Vehicle (JLTV), 06-Feb-18 : A CH-53K lifted a Joint Light Tactical Vehicle (JLTV). Using the single point hook, hovered up to 100 feet/31 meters for 10 minutes while carrying the 18,870 pound/8,500 kilograms vehicle

CH-53K Arrived to PAX in First Cross Country Flight, 05-Jul-17 : The CH-53K completes its first extended “cross country” flight from Sikorsky Facility at West Palm Beach, FL to Patuxent River Naval Air Station, MD to begin testing flights

MQ-8C Completes First Test Period Aboard LCS, 11-Apr-17 : US Navy’s MQ-8C Fire Scout drone returned from USS Montgomery (LCS-8) after completing initial testing aboard a littoral combat ship. Will begin initial operational test and evaluation in fall 2017

Marines to Repair 147 CH-53E in 3 Years, 10-Aug-16 : The Super Stallion Independent Readiness Review (SSIRR) led to a 110-day strip-rebuild process for each of the 147 CH-53E at New River, Miramar and Kaneohe Bay over the next 3 years

Osprey First Flight with 3D Printed Parts, 29-Jul-16 : The US Navy marked its first successful flight demonstration of a flight critical aircraft component built using additive manufacturing (AM) techniques.

03-Feb-16 - V-22 Osprey Navy Variant Known as CMV-22B
29-Sep-15 - Calspan to Modify Black Hawk for USNTPS
29-May-15 - Naval Sea King Helicopter Now at Pax Museum
06-Feb-15 - NAVAIR Advances CH/MH-53E Inspection Efforts
24-Mar-10 - USNTPS UH-72A Lakotas have arrived
09-May-06 - Marine AH-1Z and UH-1Y Start OPEVAL
01-Mar-06 - AH-1Z/UH-1Y Complete Developmental Testing
18-Jan-06 - Fire Scout completes First Autonomous Ship Landings
18-Nov-05 - Last U.S. Navy Sea King Helicopter Delivered
17-May-05 - AH-1Z/UH-1Y complete first sea trials
19-Mar-03 - NAVAIR helps Coast Guard arm helos for new mission


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By Date | By Serial

1967 US NavySH-3D Sea King152693
1969-sep-16 accidentUS NavySH-3D Sea King154123
1972-jun-01 UH-1E Iroquois151268
1973-jul-20 accidentUS NavyCH-53A Sea Stallion153709
1979-nov-05 CH-46A151951 / VR-61
1980-apr-04 CH-46A150947
1985-oct-01 SH-3D Sea King154122
1991-may-25 US Marine Corpsv-22 Osprey163912
1991-jul US NavySH-3A Sea King152135
1995-sep-28 US NavyCH-53A Sea Stallion151686
2003-mar US Coast GuardHH-65 Dolphin6542
2004-jun US NavyHSS-2 Sea King151551
2005-sep-03 MV-22B Osprey165443
2006-mar-11 CH-53A Sea Stallion151686
2008 US NavyHSS-2 Sea King149718
2008-sep-03 CH-53A Sea Stallion151686
2009-jan US NavyHSS-2 Sea King148045
2009-mar-24 CH-53A Sea Stallion151686
2009-may-22 CH-53E Super Stallion163086
2009-may-24 CH-46D152578
2011-may-20 CH-53A Sea Stallion151686
2011-sep-03 MV-22B Osprey166491 / 70
2011-sep-04 MQ-8B Fire Scout167988
2012-apr US Marine CorpsMV-22164940
2013-may-16 CH-53A Sea Stallion151686
2013-jun-20 UK Royal Air ForceCH-47F ChinookZK551
2013-nov-18 US NavyUH-1N159209
2014-jun-16 US NavyMQ-8B Fire Scout168213
2014-dec-28 US Marine CorpsMV-22B Osprey166491
2014-dec-28 US Marine CorpsMV-22B Osprey166494
2015-may-15 US NavyHSS-2 Sea King148038
2015-jun-08 US Marine CorpsUH-1Y Venom166768
2016-apr-27 US Marine CorpsMV-22B Osprey165837
2016-jul US Marine CorpsMV-22B Osprey166491
2017-jun-30 Sikorsky HelicoptersCH-53K King Stallion168781
2018-jan-18 Sikorsky HelicoptersCH-53K King Stallion168781

Latest News

Final Assembly Started of First HH-60W

HWIC 2018 in the Netherlands

THG Gets AW139 for Namibia Offshore Operations

Bristow AW139 Five More Years in Guyana

RDDS Display SENSE at Heli Expo 2018

R66 Cargo Hook

Patriot South 2018 Exercise

HAL Launched Tender for ALH Civil Dhruv




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