usa NAS Patuxent River

Patuxent River, Maryland

List of aircraft and events at NAS Patuxent River

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1967 US NavySH-3D Sea King152693
1969-sep-16 accidentUS NavySH-3D Sea King154123
1972-jun-01 UH-1E Iroquois151268
1973-jul-20 accidentUS NavyCH-53A Sea Stallion153709
1977-jun-24 accidentUS NavyUH-2A149765
1979-nov-05 CH-46A151951 / VR-61
1980-apr-04 CH-46A150947
1985 US NavyHSS-2 Sea King149728
1985-oct-01 SH-3D Sea King154122
1988 US NavyMH-53E Sea Dragon162513
1991-may-25 US Marine CorpsV-22 Osprey163912
1991-jul US NavySH-3A Sea King152135
1995-sep-28 US NavyCH-53A Sea Stallion151686
1999 US NavyMV-22164940
2003-mar US Coast GuardHH-65 Dolphin6542
2004-jun US NavyHSS-2 Sea King151551
2005-sep-03 MV-22B Osprey165443
2006-mar-11 CH-53A Sea Stallion151686
2008 US NavyHSS-2 Sea King149718
2008-sep-03 CH-53A Sea Stallion151686
2009-jan US NavyHSS-2 Sea King148045
2009-mar-24 CH-53A Sea Stallion151686
2009-may-22 CH-53E Super Stallion163086
2009-may-24 CH-46D152578
2011-may-20 CH-53A Sea Stallion151686
2011-sep-03 MV-22B Osprey166491 / 70
2011-sep-04 MQ-8B Fire Scout167988
2012-apr US NavyMV-22164940
2013-may-16 CH-53A Sea Stallion151686
2013-jun-20 UK Royal Air ForceCH-47F ChinookZK551
2013-nov-18 US NavyUH-1N159209
2014-jun-16 US NavyMQ-8B Fire Scout168213
2014-dec-28 US Marine CorpsMV-22B Osprey166491
2014-dec-28 US Marine CorpsMV-22B Osprey166494
2015-may-15 US NavyHSS-2 Sea King148038
2015-jun-08 US Marine CorpsUH-1Y Venom166768
2016-apr-27 US Marine CorpsMV-22B Osprey165837
2016-jul US Marine CorpsMV-22B Osprey166491
2017-jun-30 Sikorsky HelicoptersCH-53K King Stallion168781
2018-jan-18 US NavyCH-53K King Stallion168781
2018-mar-08 Sikorsky HelicoptersCH-53K King Stallion168780
2018-mar-08 Sikorsky HelicoptersCH-53K King Stallion168781
2019-may PHI IncS-92AN946PH

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