usa Quonset State Airport

North Kingstown, Rhode Island


Satellite and aerial maps of Quonset State with nearby locations

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11.2133 NS Newport, Rhode Island
14.0354KPVD Providence, Rhode Island
56.5263CT93 William W. Backus Hospital Heliport, Connecticut
60.5240KGON Groton, Connecticut
65.7284KIJD Windham, Connecticut
66.4 58KPYM Plymouth Municipal, Massachusetts

1941 to present

41 35 56 secs N - 71 24 48 secs W
Rhode Island
Elevation: 18 feet

History of this Location

Known as NAS Quonset Point until 1974 when was transfered to civilian use. It is still in use by the Rhode Island Army National Guard.
The airfield houses QUONSET air museum opened in 1992.
Preserved aircraft: Sea King 149738/11 (from 1996).

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List of units at Quonset State

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YearsRotary Wing Aircraft Unitbold : Current Model
normal: Unit no longer at this base
1986/    1-126 AVN
1973/74HS-74S-61 H-3 1973/85
1970/73HS-1S-61 H-3 1961/97
1969/73HS-7S-61 H-3 1969/95
1961/62HS-13S-58 H-34 1961/62
1959/74HS-5S-61 H-3 1964/95
S-58 H-34 1957/64
1957/73HS-11S-61 H-3 1962/95
S-58 H-34 1958/64
1956/68HS-9S-61 H-3 1964/68
S-58 H-34 1956/64
1955/74VXE-6HH-1N ??/99
Rhode Island National Guard

List of aircraft and events at Quonset State

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By Date | By Serial

AS355F Ecureuil 2N355FF 28jun09
HH-65 Dolphin6581 17jun05
HSS-2 Sea King149738 96 05jan08 26jun10 26jun11
MV-22B Osprey166494 26jun09
UH-1N158256 feb72
UH-60A Black Hawk85-24438 29jun08 26jun10 25jun11
UH-60A Black Hawk86-24498 26jun10
UH-60A Black Hawk86-24530 11aug07 28jun08 27jun09

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