usa Cairns AAF Airport

Fort Rucker/Ozark, Alabama

List of aircraft and events at Cairns AAF / Fort Rucker

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1969 US Army AviationCH-47A Chinook62-02136
1969 US Army AviationCH-47A Chinook62-02118
1987 US Army AviationAH-1S Cobra77-22778
1988-jan-01 UH-1A Iroquois59-1686
1994-mar-10 US Army AviationUH-1A Iroquois59-1686
1994-mar-10 US Army AviationUH-1H Iroquois71-20033
1994-oct-03 US Army AviationUH-1D Iroquois65-10126
1995 US Army AviationUH-60A Black Hawk78-22974
1996 US Army AviationOH-58A Kiowa71-20443
2003-may-17 UH-1H IroquoisN104HF / 68-16104
2004 US Army AviationOH-58A Kiowa70-15063
2004 US Army AviationOH-58A Kiowa70-15349
2012-oct-18 209 AH-1 CobraN209J
2012-oct-18 RAH-66 Comanche94-0327
2012-nov US Air ForceUH-1H Iroquois74-22502
2013 US Army AviationCH-47D Chinook89-00135
2013-oct US Army AviationMH-60L Black Hawk90-26288
2015 US Army AviationUH-60A Black Hawk82-23754
2016-nov US Army AviationUH-72A Lakota08-72074
2017-jul US Army AviationUH-72A Lakota08-72077
2019-jan US Army AviationUH-60M Black Hawk15-20729
2019-jan US Army AviationUH-60M Black Hawk15-20737
2019-jan US Army AviationUH-72A Lakota15-72345

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