usa Fairchild AFB

Spokane, Washington


Satellite and aerial maps of Fairchild AFB with nearby locations

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26.1 73KSFF Felts Field, Washington
31.413703WA Spangle Field, Washington
41.5213WN41 Redfern, Washington
45.615772S Rosalia Muni, Washington
55.91738WA7 Gossard Field, Washington
61.414875DC Oakesdale, Washington

1942 to present

47° 36' 54.01'' N - 117° 39' 21.59'' W
16 SW Spokane, Washington
Elevation: 2461 feet

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List of units at Fairchild AFB

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YearsRotary Wing Aircraft Unitbold : Current Model
normal: Unit no longer at this base
1993/    36 RQSUH-1N 1993/   
1972/7648th RQSHH-1H Iroquois 1972/76

Fairchild AFB News

36 Rescue Squadron Training So Others May Live, 29-Jun-18 : #training USAF PJs from 68th Rescue Squadron based Davis-Monthan Air Force Base, Arizona trained at Fairchild AFB in Washington with the UH-1N from 36th Rescue Helicopter Squadron

List of aircraft and events at Fairchild AFB

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By Date | By Serial

1975 US Air ForceUH-1N69-6623
1976 US Air ForceUH-1N69-6643
1988 US Air ForceUH-1N69-6666
2009-jul US Air ForceUH-1N69-6641
2009-jul US Air ForceUH-1N69-6648
2009-jul US Air ForceUH-1N69-6653
2011 US Air ForceUH-1N69-6641
2013-jan-25 SERE SchoolUS Air ForceUH-1N69-6641
2015-feb-18 US Air ForceUH-1N69-6653
2015-nov-06 US Air ForceUH-1N69-6613
2018-jun US Air ForceUH-1N69-6613
2018-aug-15 US Air ForceUH-1N69-6648
2019-jul-22 Skyfest 2019US Air ForceUH-1N69-6613

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