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Temple, Texas

Satellite and aerial maps of Temple with nearby locations

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4.6 05TA1 Charping, Texas
7.2345TS92 Little Peach, Texas
9.315359XS Scott & White Memorial Hospital Heliport, Texas
9.416140TX Scott & White Children Hospital Heliport, Texas
27.5254KILE Killeen Skylark Field, Texas
29.2267KHLR Hood Army Airfield - Fort Hood, Texas

31° 9' 6.84'' N - 97° 24' 27.58'' W

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News about this location

Texas Military Forces Museum Annual Show, 01-Jun-15 : The Texas Military Forces Museum’s Living History Detachment deployed to Temple to take part in the annual Central Texas Air Show, May 2-3

List of aircraft and events at Temple

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2003-mar StoredUH-1H Iroquois69-15447
2003-mar StoredUH-1H Iroquois74-22392
2003-mar StoredUS Army AviationUH-1H Iroquois74-22498
2003-mar US Army AviationUH-1H Iroquois69-15852
2003-mar StoredUS Army AviationUH-1H Iroquois69-15914
2003-mar StoredUS Army AviationUH-1H Iroquois69-15940
2003-mar StoredUS Army AviationUH-1H Iroquois70-15798
2003-mar StoredUS Army AviationUH-1H Iroquois70-16222
2005 US Army AviationUH-1H Iroquois70-16439
2005-mar StoredUS Army AviationUH-1H Iroquois69-15408
2005-mar StoredUS Army AviationUH-1H Iroquois69-15919
2005-mar StoredUS Army AviationUH-1H Iroquois69-15926
2008-jan UH-1H Iroquois69-15322

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