spain Albacete Airport

Albacete, Castille-La Mancha

91.8 50LERE Aerodromo De Requena, Valenciana
123.5153LERI Alcantarilla, Murcia
133.1114LEMU Aeroporto de Muchamiel, Valenciana
133.2 62LEVC Valencia, Valenciana
135.5122LEAL Alicante, Valenciana
141.3 57LEBT Valencia/Betera, Valenciana

38° 56' 54.61'' N - 1° 51' 48.82'' W

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News about this location

Marines Osprey Support 10 NATO Countries in Spain, 14-Dec-15 : U.S. Marines with Special-Purpose Marine Air-Ground Task Force Crisis Response-Africa (SPMAGTF-CR-AF) MV-22B Osprey supports NATO training exercise at Llanos airbase, Albacete, Spain


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By Date | By Serial

2005-may-01 AS332B Super PumaHD21-2
2005-may-01 EC120BHE25-8 / 78-27
2005-may-08 EC120BHE25-5 / 78-24
2005-may-08 EC120BHE25-6 / 78-25
2005-may-08 EC120BHE25-7 / 78-26
2005-may-08 EC120BHE25-9 / 78-28
2010-oct-05 AS-61RMM81341 / 15-29
2010-oct-05 AS532UL Cougar2461
2010-oct-07 CH-47D ChinookHT17-02 / ET-402
2010-oct-08 AS532AL CougarHU.27-03
2011-feb-08 AB212 ICOMM81375 / 4-67
2011-feb-08 AB212 ICOMM81155
2011-mar-29 AS332B Super PumaHT21-01 / 803-13
2011-oct-18 AS-61RMM80984 / 15-13
2011-oct-18 AS-61RMM80992 / 15-23
2011-oct-18 EH101 Mk.410MM81492 / 2-13
2011-dec-01 AS-61RMM81350 / 15-38
2011-dec-01 EC725R2 Caracal2552 / SE
2011-dec-01 SA330B Puma1375
2012-feb-08 AS332B Super PumaHT.21-01
2012-feb-08 S-70B-1 SeahawkHS.23-08
2013-feb-05 AS-61RMM81349
2013-mar-25 EC725R2 Caracal2802 / SK
2013-jun-23 Tiger HADF-ZWBP
2013-oct-01 SH-3D Sea KingHS9-15 / 01-515
2013-oct-02 TLP Albacete 2013   Arma Aerea de la Armada EspañolaAB212 ASWHA.18-6
2013-oct-02 TLP Albacete 2013   IT Aeronautica Militare ItalianaAS-61RMM81349
2013-oct-02 TLP Albacete 2013   Ejercito del AireAS332B Super PumaHD.21-2
2013-oct-02 TLP Albacete 2013   Arma Aerea de la Armada EspañolaSH-3D Sea KingHS.9-15
2014-feb-04 EC725R2 Caracal2552 / SE
2014-feb-04 SA330B Puma1657 / AX
2014-mar-20 Tiger HADF-ZWBP
2015-oct BO Fuerza Aerea BolivianaH215 / AS332C1e / AS332L1eFAB-782
2015-oct-06 TLP 2015-3Arma Aerea de la Armada EspañolaAB212 ASWHA.18-14
2015-oct-06 TLP 2015-3Ejercito del AireAS332B Super PumaHT.21-02
2015-oct-06 TLP 2015-3Ejercito del AireAS332B Super PumaHT.21-01
2015-oct-06 TLP 2015-3CH Schweizer LuftwaffeAS532UL CougarT-335
2015-dec-08 MV-22B Osprey168303 / EM-00
2016-feb-07 MV-22B Osprey168303 / EM-00
2016-nov-17 TLP 2016-4IT Aeronautica Militare ItalianaAW139MMM81797
2016-nov-17 TLP 2016-4IT Aeronautica Militare ItalianaAW139MMM81804

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