spain Son Sant Joan Airport

Palma de Mallorca, Balearic Islands

Satellite and aerial maps of Palma de Mallorca with nearby locations

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0.9 37 Son San Juan, Balearic Islands
6.1329LESB Son Bonet Aerodrome, Balearic Islands
49.1 36LEPO Pollensa Seaplane, Balearic Islands
132.3237 Ibiza, Balearic Islands
139.8237LEIB Ibiza, Balearic Islands
201.7344LEBL Barcelona El Prat, Catalonia

39° 33' 6.12'' N - 2° 44' 20.00'' E

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List of aircraft and events at Palma de Mallorca

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By Date | By Serial

1986-apr-01 Lynx mk888313
1988-jan-01 SH-3A Sea King152122 / AK-615
1988-apr-01 Sea King HAS.1XV655 / L-272
1989-jun-01 AB212 ASWHA18-8 / 01-312
1989-jun-01 AB212 ASWHA18-13 / 01-317
1989-nov-01 AS332B Super PumaHD21-10 / 802-04
1989-dec-01 CH-46F157673 / YM-12
1990-apr-15 CH-46F154851
1990-jul-01 CH-46D153339 / BR-56
1991-aug-01 CH-46F156476
1991-dec-01 AS332B Super PumaHD21-2
1993-dec-24 CH-46D153339 / BR-56
1994-may-01 HH-60H Rescue Hawk163795 / AA-616
1994-may-01 SH-60F Oceanhawk164618 / AA-610
1995-jan-21 Sea King HAS.1XV677 / N-69
1995-dec-17 Lynx mk27273 / 30-QF
1996-jan-01 CH-124 Sea King12410
1996-feb-01 ASH-3HMM81115 / 6-30
1996-feb-01 ASH-3HMM81113 / 6-28
1996-feb-01 Super Lynx mk9519204
1996-jun-01 HH-60H Rescue Hawk165123 / AG-615
1997-dec-23 MH-53E Sea Dragon163057 / HC-41
1998-may-01 S-70B-1 SeahawkHS23-04 / 01-1004
2001-mar-01 S-70B-1 SeahawkHS23-05 / 01-1005
2001-apr-01 Sea King HAS.5ZA137 / PS-37
2002-jun-01 S-76CHE24-6 / 78-06
2002-jul-01 AS332M1 Super PumaHT21A-4 / 402-23
2002-nov-13 S-76CHE24-8 / 78-08
2003-mar-11 S-76CHE24-6 / 78-06
2003-sep-01 CH-47D ChinookHT17-02 / ET-402
2004-jun-01 MH-53E Sea Dragon163053 / HC-44
2004-jun-01 MH-53E Sea Dragon163065 / HC-42
2004-jun-01 MH-53E Sea Dragon164864 / HC-00
2004-jul-01 S-70B-1 SeahawkHS23-12 / 01-1012
2004-jul-31 AS355N Ecureuil 2EC-HCE
2004-aug-20 AS332M1 Super PumaHT21A-4 / 402-23
2004-aug-30 AS332B Super PumaHD21-6
2004-oct-01 CH-47C ChinookHT17-16 / ET-416
2004-oct-01 CH-47D ChinookHT17-09 / ET-409
2005-apr-01 AB212 GEMM81100
2005-apr-01 MH-60S Seahawk166316 / BR-42
2005-apr-01 S-61N Mk.IIEC-FZJ
2005-jun-04 A109E PowerEC-ILA
2005-jul-29 AS532UL CougarHT27-02 / 402-25
2005-aug-01 AW109E PowerEC-IJR
2005-aug-06 AS355N Ecureuil 2EC-IBO
2006-mar-24 AW109E PowerEC-IJR
2006-apr-01 EH101 Mk.51619609
2006-jun-13 S-76CHE24-5 / 78-05
2006-jun-27 AS355N Ecureuil 2EC-IBO
2006-oct-09 AS365N3 Dauphin 2EC-JVG
2007-feb-01 AS365N3 Dauphin 25N-BIY
2009-feb-01 AS365N3 Dauphin 2I-LOBE
2009-feb-01 EC135T2+D-HECW
2009-feb-11 AW109E PowerEC-IJR
2009-mar-01 W-3AEC-KSI
2009-apr-14 AW139EC-KLM
2009-nov-01 SA330J PumaHD19-09
2010-jan-23 AW139EC-LEE
2010-may-07 AW109E PowerEC-IJR
2011-jan-16 AW139EC-KLM
2011-sep-09 SA330J PumaHD19-09
2013-jun-01 AW1395N-TUP
2014-jul-15 EC135P2+HU.26-16
2015-may-29 EC145M-ONDE
2018-feb AB205A-

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