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  • france Toulouse Blagnac

    Toulouse, 31 Haute-Garonne, Occitanie



    Satellite and aerial maps of Blagnac with nearby locations

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    9.9176LFBF Francazal (BA101), Occitanie
    12.4115LFCL Toulouse Lasbordes, Occitanie
    22.0200LFBR Muret Lherm, Occitanie
    43.5002LFDB Montauban, Occitanie
    61.4275LFDH Auch Lamothe, Occitanie
    66.3155LFDJ Pamiers, Occitanie

    1913 to present

    43° 38' 6'' N - 1° 21' 34'' E
    Elevation: 499 feet

    History of this Location

    This location contains the Airbus Airliner plant on its southwest side.

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    List of aircraft and events at Blagnac

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    By Date | By Serial

    1987-oct ExhibitArmée de l'Air H-34A SA.116
    2003-sep-01 EC135T2 F-HLCB
    2004-sep-24 SA321G 118
    2006-feb-22 EC135T2 F-HLCB
    2007-mar-25 SAMU EC135T1 F-GMHF
    2007-apr-23 A109E N109AB
    2007-jun EC120B F-HIAN
    2008-jan-20 EC135T2 F-HLCB
    2009-feb-08 EC135T2 F-HLCB
    2009-mar-01 AS365N3 HB-ZDR
    2010-oct-01 RAF CH-47D ZH895 / HJ
    2010-nov-01 EC135T2 F-HLCB
    2011-jan-24 AS355N F-GVJA
    2011-jun-14 EC135T2 F-HLCB
    2012-jan-17 Armée de l'Air AS332L1 2233 / FY
    2012-feb-18 SA365N 91
    2012-aug-14 EC725AP 2640 / CAG
    2014-sep-11 EC135T2 F-HLCB
    2014-dec-01 AS350B F-GDXR
    2015-may-07 Airbus Helicopters France EC175 F-WMXB
    2015-sep-17 EC135T2 F-HLCB

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