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  • france Courchevel Altiport

    Courchevel, 73 Savoie, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes


    Satellite and aerial maps of Courchevel with nearby locations

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    4.6284LFKX Méribel, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes
    34.9317LFKA Albertville, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes
    47.4001LFHM Megève, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes
    52.7028 Courmayeur Eliporto, Aosta Valley
    54.4289LFLE Challes-lès-Eaux, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes
    55.1231LFHU LAlpe dHuez, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes

    45° 23' 50.64'' N - 6° 38' 4.63'' E

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    List of aircraft and events at Courchevel

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    By Date | By Serial

    2003-jan-16 AS350B2 F-GIRF
    2003-jan-17 AS355N F-GJJZ
    2003-dec-29 AS350B2 HB-XCJ
    2003-dec-29 EC135T1 F-GMON
    2003-dec-29 EC135T1 F-GMON
    2004-feb-02 407 F-GLHT
    2004-feb-02 AS355N F-GJJZ
    2004-feb-12 EC135T1 F-GMON
    2006-jan-09 RAVEN II D-HXXR
    2006-apr-08 AS350B3 F-GJKY
    2008-jan-26 EC155B1 3A-MPG
    2008-mar-15 accident RAVEN G-WMWM
    2009-feb Skycam Hélicoptères AW109S F-GSNH
    2009-feb-28 AS350B3 F-GXBH
    2009-feb-28 EC130B4 F-GOLH
    2009-feb-28 EC135T1 F-GUFB
    2009-feb-28 SA365C 3A-MJP
    2009-feb-28 SA365N CS-HGJ
    2010-jan-23 AS355N F-GTEH
    2011-jan-17 AS350B3 F-GZSH
    2011-jan-17 AS355N F-GTEH
    2011-jan-17 EC135T1 F-GMON / H87
    2011-jan-18 AS350B3 F-GXBH
    2011-mar-05 AS350B2 3A-MTA
    2011-mar-26 AW109S N359SH
    2011-apr-02 AW109SP F-GSNS
    2011-aug-04 Securite Civile EC145 F-ZBQJ
    2012-jan-12 EC135P2+ F-HAIL
    2012-jan-15 SA365N 3A-MCM
    2012-jan-16 AS350B3 3A-MWI
    2012-jan-16 EC130B4 F-GOLH
    2012-jan-23 AS350B2 F-GKBE
    2012-jan-26 EC135T2 F-GJSR
    2012-feb-18 AS350B3 F-GXBH
    2012-feb-18 AW109SP F-HIDE
    2012-aug-20 Securite Civile EC145 F-ZBQG
    2013-jan-30 EC135T1 F-GOPG
    2013-aug-14 Securite Civile EC145 F-ZBPZ
    2014-jan-08 EC135P2+ F-HAIL
    2014-jan-12 Skycam Hélicoptères AW109SP 3A-MDF
    2014-jan-26 AS350B3 OE-XHO
    2014-feb-22 AW109SP F-GSNS
    2014-mar-08 AS350B3 F-HOUP
    2014-mar-08 EC135T1 F-GOPG
    2014-mar-09 AW139 F-HLAK
    2014-dec-19 Skymedia AG AW139 T7-LSS
    2014-dec-29 EC130B4 F-GOLH
    2015-feb-08 EC135T2 OE-XQK
    2015-feb-08 Monacair EC145MB 3A-MIJ
    2015-feb-15 429 F-HPBH
    2015-feb-15 AW109SP F-GSNS
    2015-mar-06 Swiss Helicopter AG AS350B3E HB-ZIB
    2015-dec-20 SA365N 3A-MCM
    2016-feb-21 EC135P2+ HB-ZAJ
    2017-feb-16 Monacair AW109SP 3A-MDF
    2020-jan E+S Air SRL AS350B3 I-ELTI
    2020-apr-02 Airgreen AB139 I-ASAR

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