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Metz, 57 Moselle, Grand Est


Satellite and aerial maps of Metz (BA128) with nearby locations

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13.4141LFJL Metz Nancy Lorraine, Grand Est
19.5254LFJY Chambley, Grand Est
34.1198LFSL Toul / Rosières (BA136), Grand Est
38.3297LFQE Etain Rouvres, Grand Est
39.2172LFEZ Nancy / Malzéville, Grand Est
42.1186 Parc de Haye, Grand Est

1909 to present

49° 4' 23'' N - 6° 7' 59'' E
Elevation: 629 feet

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List of units at Metz (BA128)

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YearsRotary Wing Aircraft Unitbold : Current Model
normal: Unit no longer at this base
2006/11CIEH 00.341
1972/04EH02.067AS355 ecureuil 2 1990/04
Alouette III 1973/90
Alouette II 1964/89
S-58 H-34 1964/73
1961/    SAG MetzEC135 2010/   

List of aircraft and events at Metz (BA128)

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By Date | By Serial

1981 PreservedArmée de l'AirH-34ASA.170
1989 PreservedArmée de l'AirH-34ASA.170
2007-may-12 AS555AN Fennec 25466 / VW
2007-may-12 CH-53C70-1630
2007-may-12 HH-60G Pave Hawk89-26208 / LN
2007-may-13 EC120BHE25-3 / 78-22
2007-may-13 EC120BHE25-6 / 78-25
2007-may-13 EC120BHE25-13 / 78-32
2007-may-13 EC135P2270
2007-may-13 EC135T1OE-XER
2007-may-13 EC145F-ZBQD
2007-may-13 SA330B Puma1657 / AX

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