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Stefanovikion, Thessalia

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16.8129LGVO Volos / Nea Ionia, Thessalia
20.0133 Port of Volos, Thessalia
29.1175LGBL Nea Anchialos, Thessalia
33.1304LGLR Larissa, Thessalia
35.7294 Larissa Hospital, Thessalia
71.7117LGSK Skiathos, Thessalía (Thessaly)

39 28 48 secs N - 22 46 2 secs E
Elevation: 146 feet

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List of units at Stefanovikio

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YearsRotary Wing Aircraft Unitbold : Current Model
normal: Unit no longer at this base
1994/    1 TEEPOH-58D Kiowa Warrior 2019/   
AH-64A Apache 1995/   
1976/    1 TEAS205 1971/   
1974/    SASNH300C 1985/   
AB206B 1979/   
212 1972/77
205 1969/   

Stefanovikio News

Greece Receives 70 OH-58D and Last Chinook, 21-May-19 : #Kiowa Cargo ship transporting ex US army helicopters arrived to Greece. The Hellenic Army received 70 OH-58D Kiowa Warrior valued €44M and the last of 10 CH-47D Chinook.

List of aircraft and events at Stefanovikio

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2008-sep-16 AH-64A ApacheES1010
2008-sep-16 AH-64A ApacheES1002
2008-sep-16 AH-64A ApacheES1019
2008-sep-16 UH-1H IroquoisES620
2010-may-25 NH300CES129
2010-may-25 UH-1H IroquoisES605
2010-may-25 UH-1H IroquoisES615

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