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  • greece Tanagra

    Tanagra, Stereá Elláda


    Satellite and aerial maps of Tanagra with nearby locations

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    29.5121 Afidnes Helipad, Attiki
    30.6181LGEL Elefsina, Attiki
    31.7170 Aspropyrgos Helipad, Attiki
    31.9143LGTT Dekelia / Tatoi, Attiki
    32.7188 Mandra Helipad, Attiki
    34.2132 Anoixi Helipad, Attiki

    38° 20' 23.29'' N - 23° 33' 54.00'' E
    Elevation: 485 feet

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    List of aircraft and events at Tanagra

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    By Date | By Serial

    2005-sep-01 AB205A-1 4511
    2005-sep-01 AS332C1 2584
    2005-sep-01 Navy S-70B PN59
    2005-sep-17 AS332C1 2509
    2005-sep-18 AS332C1 2620
    2005-sep-18 AS332C1 2574
    2005-sep-18 S-70B-6 PN57
    2007-sep-11 MI-26 RA-06291
    2008-sep-12 Österreichische Luftstreitkräfte AB212 5D-HH
    2008-sep-13 AB212ASW PN28
    2008-sep-13 AH-64A ES1019
    2008-sep-13 AS332C1 2620
    2008-sep-14 AH-64A ES1010
    2008-sep-14 Elliniki Astynomia EC135T1 SX-HPD
    2008-sep-14 S-70B-6 PN57
    2011-nov-06 AH-64A ES1002
    2011-nov-06 AS332C1 2584
    2016-sep-17 HAF AS332C1 2787
    2016-sep-17 Navy S-70B PN59
    2017-sep-15 Navy S-70B PN59
    2017-sep-15 Navy S-70B PN60
    2018-sep-22 Navy AB212ASW PN25
    2018-sep-22 HAF AS332C1 2787

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