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Satellite and aerial maps of Tanagra with nearby locations

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30.6181LGEL Elefsis, Elefsis
31.9143LGTT Dekelia / Tatoi, Dekelia
34.7189 Elefsis Shipyard,
37.2175 Hellenic Shipyards Co,
40.5123LGKN Kotroni, Kotroni
41.6184 Salamis Naval Base, Athens

38° 20' 23.29'' N - 23° 33' 54.00'' E

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List of aircraft and events at Tanagra

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2005-sep-01 AB205A-14511
2005-sep-01 AS332C1 Super Puma2584
2005-sep-01 S-70BPN59
2005-sep-17 AS332C1 Super Puma2509
2005-sep-18 AS332C1 Super Puma2620
2005-sep-18 AS332C1 Super Puma2574
2005-sep-18 S-70B-6 Aegean HawkPN57
2007-sep-11 Mi-26 HaloRA-06291
2008-sep-13 AB212 ASWPN28
2008-sep-13 AH-64A ApacheES1019
2008-sep-13 AS332C1 Super Puma2620
2008-sep-14 AH-64A ApacheES1010
2008-sep-14 Elliniki AstynomiaEC135T1SX-HPD
2008-sep-14 S-70B-6 Aegean HawkPN57
2011-nov-06 AH-64A ApacheES1002
2011-nov-06 AS332C1 Super Puma2584

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