hungary Budapest International Airport


15.7 21LHGD Godollo, Godollo
21.2273LHBS Budaors, Budaors
25.2242LHTL Tököl, Tököl
27.0282LHFH Farkashegy, Farkashegy
32.3206LHKK Kiskunlachaza, Kiskunlacháza
38.3262LHGR Gyuro, Fejer

47° 26' 21.84'' N - 19° 15' 42.84'' E

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News about this location

Five MD902 Delivered To Hungarian Police, 14-Feb-17 : The Hungarian National Police received 5 former German Police MD902 Explorer helicopters to replace an aging Mi-2 fleet


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By Date | By Serial

1991-mar-01 CH-53G8482
1991-mar-01 CH-53G8499
1991-mar-01 CH-53G8509
2000-aug-23 Mi-2 HopliteHA-BCB
2004-jul-10 Mi-2 HopliteHA-BCB
2005-aug-02 Mi-2 HopliteHA-BCB
2006-may-04 Mi-2 HopliteHA-BCB
2008-jul-21 Mi-2 HopliteHA-BCB
2008-sep-19 Ka-32T Helix-CHB-ZFX
2008-sep-20 bo105cbs-4HB-ZHS
2009-mar-25 A119 KoalaHA-PMK
2009-jul-11 Mi-2 HopliteR-13
2010-mar-15 Mi-2 HopliteHA-BCB
2010-apr-30 RendőrségMi-2 HopliteR-13
2010-may-06 AS332L Super PumaD-HEGT
2010-jul-06 UH-60A Black Hawk87-24589
2011-apr-03 Mi-2 HopliteHA-BCB
2011-may-10 CH-53G8472
2011-may-11 CH-53G8512
2011-aug-01 AW139YR-TIA
2011-aug-09 MD369E / MD500ER-501
2012-mar-19 EC130B4SP-RMR
2013-oct-05 AW139I-EASS
2014-apr-24 KY CHC Cayman IslandsAS332L Super PumaVP-CHO
2015-may-20 AW149CSX81890

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