italy Catania-Fontanarossa Vincenzo Bellini

Catania, Sicily



Satellite and aerial maps of Catania Fontanarossa with nearby locations

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7.2 1 Elisuperficie Gaspare Rodoligo, Sicily
14.6240LICZ Sigonella, Sicily
29.3153 Augusta, Sicily
66.2217LICB Comiso, Sicily
84.6 37LICR Reggio Calabria, Calabria
91.5271 Ospedale Sant Elia Caltanissetta, Sicily

37 28 1 secs N - 15 3 58 secs E
Catania - Fontanarossa
Elevation: 40 feet

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List of units at Catania Fontanarossa

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YearsRotary Wing Aircraft Unitbold : Current Model
normal: Unit no longer at this base
2006/    2º SVEAW139 2010/   
AB412 2006/   
1991/    Sezione Aerea Catania (GdiF)AB412
1985/    12 NEAB206 ??/11
A109 Hirundo
1982/    Nucleo Elicotteri Catania (CNVF)AB412 2001/   
AB204 1992/97
AB206 1982/   
1968/    3 gruppo elicotteriEH101 2008/   
AS-61 1968/08
1964/    2 gruppo elicotteriAB212 1981/   
AB204 1964/81
1959/711 gruppo elicotteriAS-61 1971/02
S-58 H-34 1959/79
AB47 1956/70
1957/9930 GrSqdAB212
2º NAC

Catania Fontanarossa News

Royal Navy Merlins HM2 in Dynamic Manta 2018, 09-Mar-18 : 814 and 829 NAS Merlins deployed to Catania in Sicily to take part of anti-submarine warfare exercise Dynamic Manta 2018 with Italy, Belgium, Canada, France, Germany, Greece, Spain, Turkey and USA

List of aircraft and events at Catania Fontanarossa

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By Date | By Serial

AB204ASMM80366 sep00
AB212MM81119 84 99
AB212MM81125 02apr09
AB212 ASWMM80938 sep00
AB212 ASWMM80939 26jul18
AB212 ASWMM80956 sep00
AB212 ASWMM81076 sep00 jun10
AB212 ASWMM81085 sep00
AB212 ASWMM81095 sep00
AB212 ASWMM81099 sep00
AB212 ASWMM81180 sep00
AB212 ASWMM81181 jun10
AB212 ASWMM81376 sep00 jun10 12oct13
AB212 ASWMM81378 12oct13
AB212 ASWMM81379 sep00
AB412HPMM81473 12oct13
ASH-3DMM5009N sep00
ASH-3DMM5011N sep00
ASH-3DMM5017N sep00
ASH-3DMM5018N sep00
ASH-3HMM81112 sep00
ASH-3HMM81116 sep00
ASH-3HMM81183 sep00
ASH-3HMM81184 sep00
ASH-3HMM81186 sep00
AW139MM81898 03dec18
AW139MM81926 03mar18
AW139MM81927 03mar18
AW139MM81932 26dec18
EC145I-LEDI 14
EH101 Mk.110MM81481 12oct13
EH101 Mk.110MM81482 12oct13
EH101 Mk.110MM81483 12oct13
EH101 Mk.110MM81485 12oct13
EH101 Mk.110MM81486 12oct13
EH101 Mk.110MM81487 12oct13
EH101 Mk.110MM81719 12oct13
EH101 Mk.410MM81493 12oct13
NH90 NFHMM81581 12oct13

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