italy Malpensa

Milan, Lombardia

1.6 85 Cascina Costa Agusta, Lombardia
9.4348LILG Vergiate, Lombardia
11.8200LIMN Cameri, Piedmont
17.7 46LILN Venegono, Lombardia
21.0 9LILC Calcinate del Pesce, Lombardia
23.3 85 Saronno,

1948 to present

45 37 49.09 secs N - 8 43 22.38 secs E
3mile W of Samarato
Elevation: 728 feet

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YearsRotary Wing Aircraft Unitbold : Current Model
normal: Unit no longer at this base
1972/    2 Reparto Voloab212 1997/   
A109 Hirundo 1980/06
AB47J-3 1972/84
1962/    Nucleo Elicotteri Milano (CNVF)AW109 2003/   


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By Date | By Serial

212C-FRUT 01jul03
A119 KoalaHA-PMK 01jan03
ab139I-ROCS 05dec11 06sep12
AB206BI-VFAE / VF-19 30dec04
AB206BI-VFAI / VF-23 15may05 25apr07 15mar09 05mar10 06apr11
AB206BI-VFAP / VF-28 22may04 06jan07 21mar11
AB206B-3PS-72 29nov07 16may10
AB206B-3PS-78 20nov05 29nov07 22mar09 16may10
AB206B-3PS-90 28apr10
ab212MM81649 / PS-81 17nov07
ab212PS-102 04may11 30may12
ab212PS-80 20feb10
ab412epI-VFPB / VF-72 02apr10
AS350B1 EcureuilI-LASP 27may09
AS350B3 EcureuilI-SATU 08jul12
AS350B3 EcureuilI-VIER 16apr06
ASH-3DMM5021N / 6-20 20oct10 20jan11
AW109E PowerHB-ZDM 01apr10
AW109E PowerI-DVFA / VF-80 12aug15
AW109E PowerI-DVFC / VF-82 22may04 16may07 12feb09 01jan10 22jul11
AW109S GrandI-AGGR 08may10
AW1395N-BOI 12jan12
AW139I-AWRH 10aug10
AW149I-PTFA 28dec11
AW609N609TR 08apr10
AW609N609AG 06oct10
AW609N609TR 17mar11 12feb12 04oct13 20sep14
CH-47C ChinookMM80840 / EI-818 10sep10 20jan11
CH-54A TarheN173AC / 748 13mar07
CH-54A TarheN229AC / 743 21jun03
NH90 NFHCSX81579 16dec10

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