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    Milan, Lombardia



    Satellite and aerial maps of Milano Malpensa with nearby locations

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    1.3272 Volandia, Lombardia
    1.6085 Cascina Costa Agusta, Lombardia
    9.4348LILG Vergiate, Lombardia
    11.8200LIMN Cameri, Piedmont
    17.7046LILN Venegono, Lombardia
    21.0009LILC Calcinate del Pesce, Lombardia

    1948 to present

    45° 37' 49.09'' N - 8° 43' 22.38'' E
    3mile W of Samarato
    Elevation: 728 feet

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    List of units at Milano Malpensa

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    YearsRotary Wing Aircraft Unitbold : Current Model
    normal: Unit no longer at this base
    1972/    2 RVAB212 1997/   
    A109 1980/06
    AB47J-3 1972/84
    1962/    Nucleo Elicotteri Milano (CNVF)AW109 2003/   

    List of aircraft and events at Milano Malpensa

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    By Date | By Serial

    212C-FRUT 01jul03
    A119HA-PMK 01jan03
    AB139I-ROCS 05dec11 06sep12
    AB206BI-VFAE / VF-19 30dec04
    AB206BI-VFAI / VF-23 15may05 25apr07 15mar09 05mar10 06apr11
    AB206BI-VFAP / VF-28 22may04 06jan07 21mar11
    AB206B-3PS-72 29nov07 16may10 dec10
    AB206B-3PS-78 20nov05 29nov07 22mar09 16may10
    AB206B-3PS-90 28apr10 dec10
    AB212MM81648 dec10
    AB212MM81649 24dec19
    AB212MM81649 / PS-81 17nov07
    AB212PS-102 dec10 04may11 30may12
    AB212PS-80 20feb10
    AB412EPI-VFPB / VF-72 02apr10
    AS350B1I-LASP 27may09
    AS350B3I-SATU 08jul12
    AS350B3I-VIER 16apr06
    ASH-3DMM5021N / 6-20 20oct10 20jan11
    AW101 611MM81870 21oct20
    AW101 611MM81875 15jul20
    AW109EHB-ZDM 01apr10
    AW109EI-DVFA / VF-80 12aug15
    AW109EI-DVFC / VF-82 22may04 16may07 12feb09 01jan10 22jul11
    AW109SI-AGGR 08may10
    AW1395N-BOI 12jan12
    AW139EC-KLC 19jul12
    AW139I-AWRH 10aug10
    AW139N114DV 19aug19
    AW139PS-116 17oct20
    AW139VF-144 feb20
    AW149I-PTFA 28dec11
    AW169I-AWCF 03apr20
    AW609? 08apr10
    AW609N609AG 06oct10
    AW609N609TR 17mar11 12feb12 04oct13 20sep14
    CH-47CMM80840 / EI-818 10sep10 20jan11
    CH-54AN173AC / 748 13mar07
    CH-54AN229AC / 743 21jun03
    H130HB-ZAZ 28feb19
    ICH-47FMM81793 11jun18
    NFHCSX81579 16dec10
    OH-13HI-SUCK mar00

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