italy Albenga

Albenga, Liguria

18.7203 Imperia hospital, Liguria
50.1234 Ventimiglia, Liguria
65.8238 Port Hercules,
66.7238LNMC Monaco Heliport, Monte Carlo
68.6324LIMZ Levaldigi, Piedmont
70.0 53LIMJ Genoa, Liguria

44° 2' 42.90'' N - 8° 7' 29.61'' E

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YearsRotary Wing Aircraft Unitbold : Current Model
normal: Unit no longer at this base
1998/    15 Nucleo ElicotteriAB206 ??/11
A109 Hirundo


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By Date | By Serial

2002-apr-23 CH-54A TarheN217AC / 732
2002-sep-14 CH-54A TarheN229AC / 731
2003-feb-10 AS365N2 Dauphin 2N28LA
2003-feb-10 CH-54A TarheN217AC / 732
2003-apr-05 AS365N2 Dauphin 2I-CGFE
2003-may-28 AB212 ICOMM81161
2003-jun-02 SA365C Dauphin 23A-MJP
2003-jun-14 AB212 ICOMM81214 / 14
2003-jun-14 AB412I-VFOG / VF-55
2003-jun-14 AB412I-GONI
2003-jun-15 CH-54A TarheN229AC / 731
2003-sep-04 CH-54A TarheN218AC / 749
2003-oct-11 CH-54A TarheN217AC / 732
2004-feb-15 AS365N2 Dauphin 2I-CGFE
2004-may-21 AB412EPI-VFOV / VF-66
2005-jan-03 CH-54A TarheN217AC / 732
2005-sep-16 CH-54A TarheN229AC / 743
2006-jan-31 AB412HPMM81473 / 9-05
2006-feb-04 AS350B3 EcureuilI-LASR
2006-feb-04 CH-54A TarheN194AC / 746
2006-feb-18 CH-54A TarheN154AC / 743
2006-mar-18 AB206B-3PS-90
2006-apr-25 EC155B13A-MAG
2006-jul-26 AS350B3 EcureuilI-SATU
2006-aug-19 AB412I-VFOF / VF-54
2006-aug-19 AW109E PowerI-SFAC
2006-sep-24 AB412HPMM81511 / 9-09
2006-sep-24 CH-54A TarheN218AC
2006-sep-24 CH-54A TarheN218AC / 749
2007-jan-03 CH-54A TarheN173AC / 748
2007-jan-03 CH-54A TarheN218AC
2007-jan-03 CH-54B TarheN158AC / 730
2007-mar-13 AB412HPMM81506 / GdiF-218
2007-mar-13 NH500MCMM81059 / GdiF-101
2007-mar-18 AB412EPI-VFOZ / VF-70
2007-apr-19 CH-54B TarheI-CFAG / CFS-100
2007-apr-21 SA318C Alouette IIF-GZFP
2007-may-27 AW109E PowerHB-ZDM
2007-jun-14 AW139I-EASR
2007-sep-21 AS350B2 Ecureuil3A-MTA
2007-sep-22 A109aMM81110 / CC-92
2007-sep-22 A109A-IIMM81202 / CC-99
2007-sep-22 AB412SPMM81384 / 9-03
2007-sep-23 A109A-IIMM81202 / CC-99
2007-sep-23 AB212MM81649 / PS-81
2007-oct-09 AW109S GrandI-ELFA
2008-mar-11 CH-54B TarheN163AC / 738
2008-may-02 A109CI-LLBB
2008-may-23 AW109S GrandN109TH
2008-may-26 SA316B Alouette IIIM-1 / OT-ZPA
2008-jul-11 S-64EN189AC / 731
2008-aug-09 AS350B3 EcureuilI-GUSA
2008-aug-20 AS365N3 Dauphin 2I-LUXA
2008-sep-07 AS350B1 EcureuilF-GMBO
2008-sep-20 AS-61RMM81346 / 15-34
2009-jan-02 A109aMM81102 / CC-85
2009-feb-26 AS350B3 EcureuilI-ERMS
2009-feb-26 S-64EN189AC / 731
2009-may-14 CH-54B TarheI-CFAI / CFS-102
2009-may-20 AW109S GrandI-BSPL
2009-may-21 AB412SPMM81382 / 9-01
2009-may-24 AS365N3 Dauphin 2I-LUXA
2009-jun-09 AB412I-VFOF / VF-54
2009-jun-09 S-76CD-HMGX
2009-jul-25 CH-54B TarheI-CFAJ / CFS-103
2009-jul-25 S-76BVP-BIR
2009-sep-07 AS365N2 Dauphin 2I-PCFL
2009-sep-19 A109aMM81071
2009-oct-14 AS350B1 EcureuilF-GMBO
2009-oct-14 CH-54B TarheI-CFAJ / CFS-103
2009-dec-05 SA318C Alouette IIF-GZFP
2010-jan-17 412EPEC-KZM
2010-feb-06 CH-54B TarheI-CFAI / CFS-102
2010-sep-16 AS-61RMM80984 / 15-13
2010-sep-18 CH-54B TarheI-CFAJ / CFS-103
2011-jan-03 AW109S GrandI-DVFD
2011-apr-07 AS355N Ecureuil 23A-MXL
2011-may-29 AS350B3 Ecureuil3A-MWI
2011-may-29 AW109E PowerHB-ZIM
2011-may-29 SA365N Dauphin 23A-MCM
2011-aug-30 CH-47C ChinookMM81386 / EI-832
2012-jan-04 AW109S GrandI-DVFD / VF-83
2012-mar-12 AW139MM81748 / 11-03
2012-sep-14 429N10984
2012-sep-15 AW109S GrandHB-ZSM
2013-sep-23 AS-61RMM81349 / 15-37
2013-sep-23 AS-61RMM81341 / 15-29

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