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  • italy Milano Linate

    Milan, Lombardia



    Satellite and aerial maps of Linate with nearby locations

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    5.0314 Politecnico di Milano, Lombardia
    8.1282 National Museum of Science and Technology, Lombardia
    12.0332LIMB Bresso, Lombardia
    19.4003 Monza, Lombardia
    29.7318 Saronno, Lombardia
    29.7275 Ospedale di Magenta, Lombardia

    45° 26' 46.32'' N - 9° 16' 23.66'' E
    Elevation: 354 feet

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    List of units at Linate

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    YearsRotary Wing Aircraft Unitbold : Current Model
    normal: Unit no longer at this base
    1984/88653 SCAB212 1984/88
    AB204 1978/84
    1955/62Nucleo Elicotteri Milano (CNVF)AB206

    List of aircraft and events at Linate

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    By Date | By Serial

    1971-jan 369HS I-BOAZ
    1997-sep-13 412 I-AIVO
    1998-mar-28 Elilombarda AB412 I-RECE
    2004-may-17 BK117C-1 I-HBMS / 118
    2004-may-27 AW109E I-SFAC
    2004-sep-12 A119 I-KALA
    2004-sep-12 AS350B1 I-AIRY
    2004-nov-23 AB412SP I-BRMA
    2005-mar-19 AW109E D-HPWR
    2005-mar-24 AB412SP I-BRMA
    2005-apr-28 AB412HP MM81506 / GdiF-218
    2005-apr-28 AS-61R MM81337 / 15-25
    2007-jan-05 A109C I-MFMM
    2007-jun-27 Elilario Italia AB139 I-EITD
    2007-aug-09 AS350B3 I-ELIW
    2007-sep-09 AS350B3 I-HBLU
    2007-sep-09 SA365N 3A-MCM
    2008-sep-12 AW139 I-CDDL
    2008-sep-14 AB412 I-AGUI
    2009-sep-12 AS350B1 I-AIRY
    2009-sep-13 AS350B3 I-RUFA
    2009-sep-13 AS350B3 I-ELIW
    2009-sep-13 AS350B3 I-GUSA
    2009-sep-13 EC135T1 I-HIFI
    2009-sep-13 W-3A I-SOKO
    2010-sep-12 Airgreen AB139 I-ASAR
    2010-sep-12 AS350B3 I-RUFA
    2010-sep-12 AS350B3 I-ELIW
    2010-sep-12 AS350B3 I-GUSA
    2010-sep-12 AS350B3 I-DUEK
    2010-sep-12 Swiss Jet AG AW139 HB-ZUV
    2010-sep-12 W-3A I-SOKL
    2011-sep-11 AB412 I-AGUI
    2011-sep-11 AS332C1 HB-ZKN
    2011-sep-11 AS350B3 I-DUEK
    2011-sep-11 Swiss Jet AG AW109S HB-ZHP
    2011-sep-11 Elilombarda AW109S I-BSPL
    2011-sep-11 EC135P1 I-AIRQ
    2011-sep-11 W-3A I-SOKL
    2012-jun-10 AH-1F N11FX
    2012-jun-24 INAER Italia AW139 EC-KLC
    2012-sep-09 AS332C1 HB-ZKN
    2012-sep-09 Elilombarda AW109S I-BSPL
    2013-apr AMI AB47J MM80160
    2015-feb-18 INAER Italia AW139 EC-KLC
    2019-mar-10 Swiss Helicopter AG AS350B3E HB-ZIB
    2020-feb-24 AW139 I-PRAX

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