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  • italy Gino Allegri

    Padua, Veneto


    Satellite and aerial maps of Padova Gino Allegri with nearby locations

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    3.5080 Padova Hospital, Veneto
    14.7219 Protezione Civile Galzignano Terme, Veneto
    37.1030LIPS Istrana, Veneto
    37.2243 Aviosuperficie Montagnana, Veneto
    39.0043LIPH Treviso San Angelo, Veneto
    39.1082 Elisuperficie Padiglione JONA, Veneto

    1913 to present

    45° 23' 44.89'' N - 11° 50' 52.44'' E
    Elevation: 44 feet

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    List of units at Padova Gino Allegri

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    YearsRotary Wing Aircraft Unitbold : Current Model
    normal: Unit no longer at this base
    1992/    55 GrSqdAB204B
    1976/9153 GrSqdNH90 TTH ??/15

    List of aircraft and events at Padova Gino Allegri

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    By Date | By Serial

    1983 53 GrSqd AB205A-1 MM80685
    1986 53 GrSqd AB205A-1 MM80555
    1986-oct AMI AB204B MM80303
    1986-dec-05 53 GrSqd AB205A-1 MM80724
    1988 53 GrSqd AB205A MM80458
    1988 53 GrSqd AB205A-1 MM80684
    1994-oct-01 25 GrSqd AB205A-1 MM80708
    2004-jul-16 AS350B I-CRMC
    2004-jul-16 Elilario Italia AW109E I-ESUE
    2005 AW109S I-FACM
    2005-may-16 AVES AB205A-1 MM80531
    2005-jun-09 AS350B2 I-ETEL
    2008-feb-22 AS350B3 I-EDIC
    2008-feb-22 Elilario Italia AW109E I-ESUE
    2008-may-21 14 NE A109A-II MM81227
    2008-jun Corpo Forestale dello Stato AW109N MM81687
    2008-jul-23 83 centro c/sar AS-61R MM81343
    2008-aug-03 14 NE AB412SP MM81436
    2008-aug-09 AB412SP MM81436
    2008-dec-29 AB139 I-ROCS
    2009-mar-17 AB139 I-ROCS
    2009-mar-21 INAER Italia AW109E I-ESUE
    2009-may-02 INAER Italia AB139 I-EITD
    2009-oct-13 INAER Italia AW139 I-COLK
    2010-may-20 INAER Italia AW139 I-COLK
    2011-aug-11 INAER Italia AB412EP I-RNBR
    2012-apr-04 INAER Italia AW109S I-NAER
    2012-sep-28 AS350B3 I-EPIU
    2012-sep-28 CLIPPER II I-HOAX
    2012-oct INAER Italia AW109S I-CLOE
    2013-may AMI AB212ICO MM81160
    2013-jun-22 INAER Italia AW109S I-NAER
    2013-sep-14 AVES AB206A MM80566
    2013-sep-14 EC120B I-TECH
    2013-sep-15 Salone del voloAVES AB206A MM80567
    2015-dec-20 407GX I-ECGX
    2016-jan-26 INAER Italia H145 I-PEBZ
    2016-feb-20 Polizia di Stato AB212 MM81665
    2016-mar-19 Corpo Forestale dello Stato AB412EP I-CFAK
    2016-may-03 INAER Italia AW109S I-RAKE
    2016-may-24 AVES AB205A-1 MM80534
    2017-jan-19 AW109E I-SCTA
    2017-jan-23 Esperia Aviation AW109S I-ESPA
    2018-jan-13 AS350B2 I-FLAP
    2018-jan-13 BETA II I-HEFM
    2018-may-13 CLIPPER II I-HOAX
    2018-may-20 427 I-ECTW
    2018-aug-20 S-76B N280TR
    2019-dec-28 INAER Italia H145 I-PEBZ
    2020-apr-10 Nucleo Elicotteri Venezia (GdiF) AW109N MM81683
    2020-apr-22 Airgreen AW139 I-NOST
    2020-apr-23 INAER Italia AW109S I-RELO
    2020-sep-07 AS365N2 I-PCFL

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