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  • italy San Nicolo

    Venice, Veneto



    Satellite and aerial maps of Venice San Nicolo with nearby locations

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    3.7291 Elisuperficie Padiglione JONA, Veneto
    9.1339LIPZ Venezia Tessera, Veneto
    18.3064 Jesolo, Veneto
    27.4339 Treviso Hospital, Veneto
    28.8328LIPH Treviso San Angelo, Veneto
    36.9320LIPS Istrana, Veneto

    45° 25' 41.88'' N - 12° 23' 17.88'' E

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    List of aircraft and events at Venice San Nicolo

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    By Date | By Serial

    1966-sep-11 AMI AB204B MM80325
    1982-aug 55 GrSqd /E.I.332 AB205A-1 MM80703
    1982-aug-01 651 SC /51-81 AB204B MM80353
    1998-sep AMI AS-61R MM80982
    2003-may-25 Guardia Costiera AB412HP MM81512
    2007-may-05 AS350B3 I-VIER
    2010-jul INAER Italia AW109S I-CLOE
    2012-jun-03 CLIPPER II I-HUMA
    2012-sep-23 Nucleo Elicotteri Venezia (GdiF) AW139 MM81750
    2014-may-21 Marina Militare Italiana NFH MM81583
    2018-mar-27 AVES AB205A-1 MM80548
    2018-mar-27 Carabinieri AB412SP MM81367
    2018-mar-27 AMI AW101 611 MM81866
    2018-mar-27 Marina Militare Italiana MK410 MM81494
    2018-sep-22 206A I-EMAS
    2018-sep-22 AB206B-2 I-TINX
    2018-sep-22 CLIPPER II I-TAKU
    2018-sep-22 CLIPPER II I-TAKU
    2018-sep-22 Airstar Elicotteri RAVEN I-SEKO
    2019-jun-21 AgustaWestland Italy NFH CSX81609
    2019-jun-23 A119 I-ELOP
    2020-jul-09 AVES A129C MM81326
    2020-jul-09 AVES A129C MM81330
    2020-jul-09 AVES AB205A-1 MM80548
    2020-jul-09 Antares ICH-47F MM81780

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