italy Marco Polo / Tessera

Venice, Veneto

Satellite and aerial maps of Venezia Tessera with nearby locations

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7.1181 Elisuperficie Padiglione JONA, Veneto
9.1159LIPV Venice San Nicolo, Veneto
18.4339 Treviso Hospital, Veneto
19.9323LIPH Treviso San Angelo, Veneto
28.5314LIPS Istrana, Veneto
37.3252 Padova Hospital, Veneto

1960 to present

45 30 16.35 secs N - 12 20 50.31 secs E
4.5mile N of Venice
Elevation: 7 feet

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List of units at Venezia Tessera

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YearsRotary Wing Aircraft Unitbold : Current Model
normal: Unit no longer at this base
1987/    10 RVA109 Hirundo 2001/   
AB206 1987/   
1968/    Nucleo Elicotteri Venezia (CNVF)AW109 2003/   
AB204 1991/   
1968/    Nucleo Elicotteri Venezia (GdiF)A109 Hirundo 2013/   
NH500 1983/   

List of aircraft and events at Venezia Tessera

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By Date | By Serial

2005-jul-01 AB412EPI-VFOU / VF-65
2008-may-25 AB412SPMM81436
2008-oct-05 A109A-IIPS-58
2008-nov Polizia di StatoAW109N NexusMM81704
2009-mar-07 AW109E PowerI-DVFA / VF 80
2009-mar-07 NH500MDMM81137 / GdiF-117
2009-may-03 A109A-IIPS-58
2010-jan-03 A109A-IIPS-58
2010-jan-03 AW109E PowerI-DVFA / VF-80
2010-jun-01 EC155B1G-HBJT
2010-jun-02 A109A-IIPS-62
2010-jun-02 A109A-IIPS-62
2012-mar-25 A109A-IIPS-63
2012-mar-25 A109A-IIPS-58
2012-may-12 AW109E PowerI-DVFA / VF 80
2012-jun-08 Vigili del FuocoAW109E PowerI-DVFA
2012-nov-15 Polizia di StatoA109A-IIMM81645
2012-nov-15 Polizia di StatoA109A-IIMM81640
2012-nov-15 Polizia di StatoAB206B-3PS-67
2012-nov-15 Polizia di StatoAB206B-3PS-73
2012-nov-15 Guardia di FinanzaNH500MDMM81136
2013-aug-27 NL Marine LuchtvaartdienstNH90 NFHN-258
2015-feb-17 AW109E PowerI-DVFA / VF 80
2017-feb Vigili del FuocoAB412I-CFSW
2017-mar-02 AgustaWestland ItalyNH90 NFHCSX81577
2017-dec Aviazione dell'EsercitoNH90 TTHCSX81517

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