italy Frosinone Girolamo Moscardini Airport

Frosinone, Lazio



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34.1252LIRL Latina, Lazio
61.2287LIRA Rome Ciampino, Lazio
61.8310LIRG Rome Guidonia, Lazio
66.7293LIRC Centocelle, Lazio
71.0272LIRE Pratica di Mare, Lazio
75.1298LIRU Urbe, Lazio

41 38 N - 13 18 E
Elevation: 632 feet

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List of units at Frosinone Girolamo Moscardini

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YearsRotary Wing Aircraft Unitbold : Current Model
normal: Unit no longer at this base
1957/    208 GruppoNH500
1955/    72° Stormo (Scuola Volo Elicotteri)NH500 1990/   
NH500 1985/90
AB204 1962/88
AB47 1955/83
AB47 1953/93

Frosinone Girolamo Moscardini News

Coast Guard and Air Force Joint Training, 24-Apr-18 : Italian Air Force instructors began training Coast Guard helicopter crews reflecting an agreement signed last February to optimize national resources

List of aircraft and events at Frosinone Girolamo Moscardini

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By Date | By Serial

1977 Aeronautica Militare ItalianaAB204BMM80279
1980-aug-06 LY Al Quwwat al-Jawwiya al-LibiyyaCH-47C ChinookLC-020
2003-jun Aeronautica Militare ItalianaNH500EMM81304
2005-may-28 Marina Militare ItalianaAB212 ASWMM80936
2005-may-28 NH500EMM81277 / 72-14
2005-may-29 AB412SPMM81383 / 9-02
2005-may-29 AB412SPMM81380 / CC-19
2005-may-29 AS532U2 Cougar S-457
2005-may-29 ASH-3DMM5010N / 6-08
2006-may-25 NH500EMM81277 / 72-14
2009-jun-10 NL Koninklijke LuchtmachtAS532U2 Cougar S-459
2009-jun-10 NL Koninklijke LuchtmachtCH-47D ChinookD-103
2010-may-18 AS-61RMM81350 / 15-38
2010-may-27 AB412HPMM81463 / CC-29
2010-may-27 NH90 TTHMM81522 / EI-205
2010-may-28 NH500EMM81311 / 72-48
2014 AgustaWestland ItalyNH90 NFHCSX81697
2015-sep Aeronautica Militare ItalianaAB47G-2MM80052
2015-sep-10 Aeronautica Militare ItalianaHH-101A CaesarMM81866
2016-may Aeronautica Militare ItalianaAB47G-2MM80474
2016-may Aeronautica Militare ItalianaAB47JMM80208
2016-jun Aeronautica Militare ItalianaOH-13H SiouxMM80790
2018-apr-20 Guardia CostieraAW139MM81747

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