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Grosseto, Toscana

Satellite and aerial maps of Grosseto with nearby locations

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47.1291 Piombino, Toscana
56.9 15LIQS Siena-Ampugnano, Toscana
67.9270LIRJ Marina di Campo Elba, Toscana
81.7124 Monte Romano Training Area, Lazio
88.8113LIRV Viterbo, Lazio
99.7 38LIQB Aeroporto di Arezzo, Arezzo

42° 45' 39.24'' N - 11° 4' 15.60'' E

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List of aircraft and events at Grosseto

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1999-aug-24 A109E PowerI-FLAN
2003-dec-11 AB212MM81211 / 4-66
2004-apr-07 Aeronautica Militare ItalianaAB212 ICOMM81375
2010-feb-26 AW139I-BEPP / 118
2010-sep-24 AB212MM81649 / PS-81
2010-sep-24 AB212MM81164 / 51-70
2010-sep-24 AB212 ICOMM81145

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