czech republic Namest nad Oslavou

czech republic

32.3 75LKCM Medlanky, Medlanky
38.2 86LKCL Cernovice, Cernovice
41.4 92LKTB Turany, Brno
45.3308LKJI Jihlava, Jihlava
63.4319LKHB Havlickuv Brod, Havlickuv Brod
67.1 76LKVY Vyskov, Vyskov

1984 to present

49 9 58.27 secs N - 16 7 28.05 secs E
23 mile W of Brno
Elevation: 1548 feet

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YearsRotary Wing Aircraft Unitbold : Current Model
normal: Unit no longer at this base
2008/    221 Letka Bitevnich VrtulnikuMi-24 Hind 2008/   


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By Date | By Serial

2006-sep-08 Mi-171Sh9774
2006-sep-09 Mi-171Sh9837
2006-sep-09 Mi-35 Hind3367
2007-apr-20 Mi-171Sh9915
2007-apr-27 Mi-35 Hind3362
2007-may-04 Mi-24V Hind7355
2008-apr-23 Mi-17 Hip-H0832
2008-apr-24 Mi-24V Hind7360
2008-apr-24 Mi-35 Hind3362
2008-apr-24 Mi-35 Hind3366
2008-may-01 Mi-17 Hip-H0839
2009-apr-24 mi-24du6050
2009-apr-24 Mi-24V Hind0710
2009-apr-24 Mi-24V Hind7353
2009-apr-24 Mi-24V Hind0815
2009-apr-24 Mi-24V Hind0788
2009-apr-24 Mi-35 Hind3365
2009-apr-24 Mi-35 Hind3369
2009-may-13 Mi-171Sh9868
2009-may-13 Mi-35 Hind3371
2009-aug-27 Mi-24V Hind0815
2009-oct-01 Mi-24V Hind7354
2010-may-13 Lynx AH1XZ653
2011-mar-25 Mi-24V Hind7360
2011-mar-25 Mi-35 Hind3362
2011-mar-25 Mi-35 Hind3369
2012-sep-05 Mi-35 Hind3371
2012-sep-05 Mi-35 Hind3361
2014-may-17 Mi-171Sh9837
2014-may-17 Mi-35 Hind3370
2016-sep-14 Mi-171Sh9825

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