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czech republic

Satellite and aerial maps of Prague Ruzyne with nearby locations

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20.4 83LKKB Kbely, Kbely
34.5356LKRO Roudnice, Roudnice nad Labem
43.8195LKPM Pribram Dlouha Lhota, Pribram
56.0 53LKMB Mlada Boleslav, Mladá Boleslav
57.1 82LKNY Nymburk, Nymburk
66.1 99LKKO Kolin, Kolin

50° 6' 2.88'' N - 14° 15' 36.00'' E

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List of aircraft and events at Prague Ruzyne

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By Date | By Serial

1991-dec-17 CH-53G8503
1992-oct-01 Mi-8PB-8938
2000-jul-01 Mi-8PSB-8733
2002-apr-16 412HPB-4363
2002-aug-09 AS-61RMM81348 / 15-36
2003-sep-25 412HPB-4363
2004-apr-09 412HPB-4363
2004-apr-15 412HPB-4369
2004-oct-17 AS332L1 Super PumaD-HEGB
2004-nov-30 AS532AL CougarH3-74
2007-may-11 Bo105CBS-4OK-BYY
2007-jun-01 VH-60N Whitehawk163259
2007-jul-21 412EPOK-BYP
2007-jul-21 EC135T2OK-BYE
2007-aug-14 HH-53C69-5795
2008-jan-11 412EPOK-BYP
2008-aug-01 412EPOK-BYP
2008-aug-01 412EPOK-BYR
2008-aug-01 412HPOK-BYO
2008-aug-01 427OK-AHB
2009-apr-01 VH-60N Whitehawk163260
2009-apr-02 CH-47C ChinookZA683
2009-apr-02 CH-47D ChinookZA683
2010-feb-15 EC135T2OK-BYE
2012-may-15 412EPOK-BYP
2014-feb-20 429YR-GSP
2014-jul-28 429N429MD
2017-aug-28 EC130B4ZK-IGM

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