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    Monte Carlo


    List of aircraft and events at Monaco Heliport

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    By Date | By Serial

    1996-jun-01 SA341G 3A-MPR
    1997-oct-01 AS350B 3A-MAC
    1997-oct-01 SA365C 3A-MJP
    1999-jun-01 SA365N 3A-MTV
    2001-may-27 412EP EC-HFD
    2001-jun-01 AS350B F-GHAK
    2001-jun-01 SA365C 3A-MJP
    2001-jun-01 SA365N 3A-MCM
    2002-may-24 AS365N2 N28LA
    2002-jun-06 AS350B 3A-MAC
    2002-dec-28 AS350B1 3A-MTP
    2002-dec-28 SA365C 3A-MJP
    2003-feb-22 AS350B1 F-GMBO
    2003-apr-18 AS355N 3A-MXL
    2003-apr-18 EC130B4 3A-MPJ
    2003-apr-21 AS350B 3A-MAC
    2003-jun-01 SA365N I-CIOH
    2003-jun-16 AS350B 3A-MLC
    2003-jun-23 AS350B1 3A-MTP
    2003-jun-23 SA365N 3A-MCM
    2003-jul-01 S-76B VP-BIR
    2003-aug-01 EC120B 3A-MCR
    2003-aug-01 SA365N 3A-MTV
    2003-aug-09 AS365N2 N28LA
    2003-aug-11 AS365N2 I-CGFE
    2004-apr-21 AS350B 3A-MLC
    2004-apr-21 EC130B4 3A-MPJ
    2004-may-09 EC120B 3A-MCR
    2004-jul-01 A109C I-LLBB
    2004-jul-03 AS350B1 3A-MTP
    2004-jul-05 SA365C 3A-MJP
    2004-sep-01 AS365N2 I-CGFE
    2004-oct-15 AS355N 3A-MXL
    2005-feb-01 EC130B4 3A-MPJ
    2005-aug-04 AS365N3 I-LUXA
    2005-sep-07 AS350B1 3A-MTP
    2006-jan-06 EC155B1 3A-MAG
    2006-may-26 AS350B2 F-GTRF
    2006-may-27 AS350B 3A-MAX
    2006-may-27 AS350B1 F-GMBO
    2006-may-27 AS350B2 F-GKBE
    2006-may-27 AS355E F-GYES
    2006-may-27 SA365C 3A-MJP
    2006-may-28 AS355N 3A-MXL
    2006-may-28 EC130B4 3A-MPJ
    2006-aug-17 SA365N 3A-MCM
    2006-oct-08 EC155B1 3A-MAG
    2007-jun-16 S-76B VP-BIR
    2007-oct-27 AS350B1 F-GMBO
    2007-oct-27 AS350B2 3A-MTA
    2007-dec-28 AS350B1 3A-MTP
    2007-dec-28 SA365C 3A-MJP
    2007-dec-29 AS350B 3A-MAX
    2008-jan-27 AW109S G-STGR
    2008-jan-28 EC120B SE-JLB / 1
    2008-jan-28 EC155B1 3A-MPG
    2008-may-02 AS350B1 F-GMBO
    2008-may-02 AS350B2 3A-MTA
    2008-may-02 EC130B4 3A-MPJ
    2008-may-02 EC155B1 3A-MPG
    2008-may-02 S-76B VP-BIR
    2008-may-02 SA365N 3A-MCM
    2008-aug-24 AS350B F-GECM
    2008-aug-24 AS350B F-HDLC
    2008-aug-24 AS350B1 3A-MJB
    2008-oct-18 AS355N 3A-MXL
    2008-dec-18 accident A109E F-GXDF
    2009-feb-14 AS350B1 F-GMBO
    2009-feb-14 SA365C 3A-MJP
    2009-apr-21 AS350B1 3A-MTP
    2009-may-24 SA365N 3A-MCM
    2009-aug-05 AS350B 3A-MAC
    2009-aug-05 EC130B4 3A-MPJ
    2009-dec-10 AS350B2 3A-MTA
    2009-dec-10 AS355N 3A-MXL
    2009-dec-10 AS365N2 I-CGFE
    2010-apr-22 Heli Air Monaco AS350B 3A-MAX
    2010-apr-22 EC155B1 3A-MPG
    2010-sep-23 Skycam Hélicoptères AW109SP 3A-MDF
    2010-sep-23 SA365N 3A-MCM
    2010-sep-25 AW109S I-JADX
    2010-sep-25 EC155B1 3A-MPG
    2010-sep-26 AS365N3 I-LUXA
    2010-sep-26 AW109S HB-ZSM
    2010-sep-29 S-76C VP-CYS
    2011-may-24 R66 N66NN
    2011-may-29 AS350B3 3A-MWI
    2011-may-29 EC130B4 F-GOLH
    2011-jun-09 SA365C 3A-MJP
    2011-jun-09 SA365N 3A-MCM
    2011-jul-26 AS350B3 3A-MWI
    2011-jul-26 Skycam Hélicoptères AW109SP 3A-MDF
    2012-apr-01 AS350B2 3A-MTA
    2012-apr-01 AS350B3 3A-MWI
    2012-apr-11 AS350B 3A-MAC
    2013-jan-04 AW109S HB-ZSM
    2013-may-19 EC155B1 3A-MPG
    2013-may-21 AS350B3 3A-MWI
    2013-may-26 AS350B 3A-MAX
    2013-may-26 Skycam Hélicoptères AW109SP 3A-MDF
    2013-nov-02 AS350B 3A-MAC
    2013-dec-29 AS350B2 3A-MTA
    2014-jul-15 AS350B3 3A-MWI
    2014-jul-29 AW109S HB-ZSM
    2014-jul-29 SA365N 3A-MCM
    2015 Skycam Hélicoptères AW109SP 3A-MDF
    2015-apr-08 Heli Air Monaco AS350B 3A-MAX
    2015-apr-08 Heli Air Monaco AS350B3 3A-MWI
    2015-apr-08 EC155B1 3A-MPG
    2015-aug-07 429 F-HPBH
    2016-may-13 Monacair H130 3A-MMZ
    2016-may-14 Heli Air Monaco AS350B1 3A-MTT
    2016-may-14 Heli Air Monaco EC130B4 3A-MPJ
    2016-may-14 Monacair H130 3A-MVT
    2018-mar-12 Monacair AW109SP 3A-MDF
    2020-feb-22 ACH145 M-SOLA
    2020-may-04 Monacair AW109SP 3A-MDF
    2020-jun-29 S-76C VP-CYS

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