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  • austria Graz International Airport

    Graz, Steiermark



    Satellite and aerial maps of Graz - Thalerhof with nearby locations

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    9.9010LOGH Graz LKH, Steiermark
    25.6218LODB Deutschlandsberg LKH, Steiermark
    27.6095LODL Kirchberg / Raab, Steiermark
    48.3248LOMW Wolfsberg LKH, Kärnten
    50.4247LOKW Wolfsberg, Kärnten
    50.6051LODH Hartberg LKH, Steiermark

    1914 to present

    46° 59' 34'' N - 15° 26' 21'' E
    Elevation: 1115 feet

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    List of units at Graz - Thalerhof

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    YearsRotary Wing Aircraft Unitbold : Current Model
    normal: Unit no longer at this base
    2001/    Christophorus 12EC135 2001/   

    List of aircraft and events at Graz - Thalerhof

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    By Date | By Serial

    1993-mar-19 accidentHeli Line Hubschrauber Transporte GmbH BETA OE-XHM
    2002-sep-28 EC135T1 OE-XEL
    2003-sep-27 407 OE-XRK
    2003-sep-28 A109A-II OE-XFH
    2003-dec-26 EC135T1 OE-XEJ
    2004-jan-05 EC135T1 OE-XEJ
    2004-jun-11 AS355F2 OE-BXW
    2004-sep-04 EC135T1 OE-XEM
    2005-feb-26 Army UH-60A 81-23588
    2005-apr-02 EC135T1 OE-XEJ
    2005-may-20 EC135T1 OE-XEK
    2005-jun-11 OMSZ Légimentő kht EC135T2 OE-XEX
    2005-sep-30 MI-8T HA-HSA
    2006-mar-25 EC135T1 OE-XEP
    2006-sep-26 EC135T1 OE-XEL
    2006-sep-27 UH-60A 83-23869
    2006-sep-27 UH-60A 84-23969
    2006-sep-27 UH-60A 89-26142
    2006-oct-03 AS355N OE-BXD
    2006-dec-27 UH-60A 88-26071
    2007-may-25 EC135T1 OE-XEF
    2007-jun-16 EC135T1 OE-XEM
    2007-oct-25 UH-60A 85-24406
    2008-jan-23 EC135T1 OE-XEI
    2008-mar-30 EC135T1 OE-XEJ
    2008-nov-17 KA-32 HB-XKE
    2009-feb-13 UH-60L 91-26349
    2009-feb-23 UH-60A 81-23609
    2009-mar-10 accidentPolizei AS350B1 OE-BXL
    2009-jun-06 S-70A-42 6M-BI
    2010-sep-13 EC135T1 OE-XEL
    2010-oct-23 EC135P2+ OE-BXY
    2010-oct-23 EC145 D-HADA
    2011-may-28 EC135P2+ OE-BXY
    2011-may-28 OH-58B 3C-OI
    2011-may-28 S-70A-42 6M-BB
    2011-jun-28 UH-60A 88-26071
    2011-jul-03 ADAC EC135P2 D-HDMA
    2012-feb-25 AS355N OE-BXD
    2012-mar-01 UH-60A 87-24644
    2012-mar-09 AB212 5D-HT
    2013-jun-08 EC135T1 OE-XEF
    2014-aug-11 S-70A-42 6M-BD
    2014-sep-01 AMI AW139M MM81799
    2015-aug-01 Skymedia AG AW139 T7-LSS
    2016-mar-08 CH-47F 13-08435
    2019-jan-01 Christophorus 12 EC135T3 OE-XVI
    2020-oct-24 Christophorus 12ÖAMTC EC135T2 OE-XVL

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