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  • portugal Aeroporto das Lajes

    Terceira, Azores


    Satellite and aerial maps of Lajes with nearby locations

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    88.9294LPGR Graciosa, Azores
    94.7263LPSJ Sao Jorge, Azores
    119.7259LPPI Pico, Azores
    143.7259LPHR Horta, Azores
    166.5132LPPD Ponta Delgada, Azores
    167.1131LPES Ponta Delgada Hospital, Azores

    1941 to present

    38° 45' 53.64'' N - 27° 5' 28.32'' W
    Terceira Island, Azores
    Elevation: 180 feet

    History of this Location

    This SAR region was covered by the SA330 Puma with the 752 Squadron from 1978 to 1993, the 711 Squadron (mix squadron) from 1993 to 2006, and then again 752 Squadron until 2009(?). Nowadays, 751 Squadron with the EH101 Merlin assume this responsability.

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    List of units at Lajes

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    YearsRotary Wing Aircraft Unitbold : Current Model
    normal: Unit no longer at this base
    2009/    Esquadra de Busca e Salvamento 751EH101 2005/   
    2006/09Esquadra 752SA330 Puma 2008/09
    1993/06Esquadra de Busca e Salvamento 711SA330 Puma 1993/06
    1977/93Esquadra 752SA330 Puma 1977/93
    1952/72US 57th ARRSS-55 H-19

    List of aircraft and events at Lajes

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    By Date | By Serial

    CV-22B05-0028 oct08
    CV-22B05-0030 oct08 24oct08 10oct09
    CV-22B06-0031 oct08 24oct08 11nov09
    CV-22B06-0032 oct08 11nov09
    CV-22B06-0033 10nov09 07nov12
    CV-22B11-0059 09nov13
    MK51419601 17aug05 09jul11 14aug14
    MK51419603 11dec07 30aug10 04aug13
    MK51419604 05aug12
    MK51419605 04oct08 30jun11
    MK51519608 07nov09
    MK51619609 21feb08
    MV-22B168225 / EH-13 Four Ospreys fr 01jul12
    MV-22B168226 / EH-14 30jun12 17jul12
    MV-22B168280 29may15
    MV-22B168284 29may14
    MV-22B168289 29may14 26aug14
    MV-22B168291 / YS-13 17aug13
    MV-22B168302 26aug14
    MV-22B168306 29may14 29may15
    MV-22B168324 29may14 29may15
    MV-22B168327 26aug14
    MV-22B168332 29may15
    MV-22B168335 26aug14
    SA319B997 30jun07
    SA330C19503 10aug05 12jun06 11sep08 16may09
    SA330C19504 05jul09 22dec10 20dec11
    SA330C19505 / 19505 14jan09
    SA330C19509 13aug06 26sep08 03apr09

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