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Montijo, Setubal

Satellite and aerial maps of Montijo (BA6) with nearby locations

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7.0282PTLIS Jardim do Tabaco, Lisboa
10.0252 Lisnave, Setubal
10.4247 Base Naval de Lisboa, Setubal
11.8295LPSM Santa Maria Hospital, Lisboa
12.0315LPPT Lisbon Portela de Sacavem, Lisboa
12.5254LPGO Almada Hospital, Setubal

1941 to present

38° 42' 17'' N - 9° 2' 16'' W
2nm W of Montijo
Elevation: 46 feet

History of this Location

Opened in 1941 as a naval base, it became the Naval Aviation Centre in Jan 1953 with the establishment of the Centro de Aviação Naval Sacadura Cabral. It became BA-6 Montijo in Jun 1954 following the 1952 reorganisation of Portuguese military aviation, when it passed to Air Force control. In 1993, its maritime roots were renewed with formation of the Naval Helicopter flight at the base.

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List of units at Montijo (BA6)

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YearsRotary Wing Aircraft Unitbold : Current Model
normal: Unit no longer at this base
1993/    Esquadrilha de Helicópteros da Marinha PortuguesaLynx 1993/   
Esquadra de Busca e Salvamento 751EH101 2005/   
SA330 Puma 1978/05

List of aircraft and events at Montijo (BA6)

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By Date | By Serial

EH101 Mk.51419601 03jul05 26may07 02apr12 02dec13
EH101 Mk.51419603 19nov05 01mar06
EH101 Mk.51419605 27may10
EH101 Mk.51419606 27may10
EH101 Mk.51519608 01jul07 22jun11
EH101 Mk.51619609 23sep10 27oct10 22jun11
EH101 Mk.51619610 07sep09
EH101 Mk.51619611 sep06
EH101 Mk.51619612 24sep09
Ka-32A11BCCS-HML 01jul12 08sep12
Lynx HAS3S19201 07jun03 26may07
Lynx HAS3S19202 23sep10
SA330C Puma19504 01jun97 01jul99
SA330C Puma19505 01aug87 01jul02 03jul05
SA330C Puma19506 03jul05
SA330C Puma19509 09may03 11jul04
SA330C Puma19512 03jul05
SH-60F Oceanhawk164801 / AB-611 27jan11
Super Lynx mk9519203 04nov09 22jun14 30jan15
Super Lynx mk9519205 01jul02 01mar06 30nov10 30jan15

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