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  • usa Boothville Heliport

    Boothville, Louisiana



    Satellite and aerial maps of Boothville / Robert L Suggs Heliport with nearby locations

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    8.313445LA Venice, Louisiana
    9.9138LS52 Venice ERA Helicopters heliport, Louisiana
    12.71428LA1 Chevron Venice, Louisiana
    22.6210 3-CMP, Louisiana
    31.8091 PIG-TRAP, Louisiana
    32.7225 E-QTRS, Louisiana

    29° 21' 14.90'' N - 89° 26' 9.26'' W

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    List of aircraft and events at Boothville / Robert L Suggs Heliport

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    By Date | By Serial

    2005-apr-17 PHI Inc S-92A N292PH
    2013-dec-05 S-92A N924PH
    2014-jan-27 PHI Inc S-92A N930PH
    2015-jan-27 PHI Inc S-92A N932PH
    2015-apr-24 PHI Inc S-92A N928PH
    2015-jun-10 PHI Inc S-92A N945PH
    2015-oct-13 PHI Inc S-92A N941PH
    2015-oct-14 PHI Inc S-92A N930PH
    2015-nov-04 PHI Inc AW139 N152PH
    2015-nov-23 PHI Inc S-92A N947PH
    2015-nov-27 PHI Inc AW139 N149PH
    2016-jan-07 PHI Inc S-92A N930PH
    2016-feb-20 PHI Inc S-92A N941PH
    2016-feb-22 PHI Inc S-92A N928PH
    2016-mar-02 PHI Inc S-92A N928PH
    2016-mar-04 PHI Inc S-92A N932PH
    2016-mar-17 PHI Inc AW139 N149PH
    2016-nov-30 PHI Inc S-92A N936PH

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