switzerland Zermatt Heliport

Zermatt, Valais


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30.7354LSMJ Turtmann, Valais
30.9 11LSER Raron Heliport, Valais
31.0 9LSTA Raron, Valais
39.1302LSGS Sion, Valais
43.9222LIMW Aeroporto Valley D Aosta, Valle d'Aosta
44.8 69 Masera, Piedmont

46 1 45 secs N - 7 45 12 secs E
Elevation: 5315 feet

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List of units at Zermatt

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YearsRotary Wing Aircraft Unitbold : Current Model
normal: Unit no longer at this base
1968/    Air Zermatt

Zermatt News

Air Zermatt Celebrates 50 Years with Second Bell 429, 17-May-18 : Swiss company Air Zermatt celebrating 50th Anniversary with the delivery of their second Bell 429

Air Zermatt H130 in the Swiss Alps, 09-Nov-16 : Switzerland’s Air Zermatt is the first operator to fly an H130/EC130T2 configured for aerial work

List of aircraft and events at Zermatt

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By Date | By Serial

2001-may-09 AS350B1 EcureuilHB-ZCC
2001-may-10 A109K2HB-XWK
2001-may-10 EC130B4F-WQES
2001-may-10 SE3160 / SA316A Alouette IIIHB-XCB
2002-jan-14 AS350B3 EcureuilHB-ZCX
2003-jan-15 EC135T2HB-ZEF
2003-jan-15 SA315B LamaHB-XII
2003-dec-26 AS350B1 EcureuilHB-ZCC
2003-dec-26 EC135T2HB-ZEF
2004-feb-15 EC135T2HB-ZEF
2004-apr-14 AS350B1 EcureuilHB-ZCC
2004-apr-14 AS350B3 EcureuilHB-ZCX
2005-jun-20 SA315B LamaHB-XII
2005-jun-20 SA315B LamaHB-XND
2005-jun-22 AS350B1 EcureuilHB-ZCC
2006-feb-22 AS350B EcureuilHB-ZGX
2006-feb-22 AS350B3 EcureuilHB-ZCX
2006-jul-14 AS350B1 EcureuilHB-ZCC
2006-jul-14 EC135T2HB-ZEF
2006-jul-14 SA315B LamaHB-XII
2007-oct-07 AS350B1 EcureuilHB-ZCC
2008-jan-23 AS350B3 EcureuilHB-ZCX
2008-jan-23 EC135T2HB-ZEF
2008-feb-23 AS350B1 EcureuilHB-ZCC
2008-feb-23 SA315B LamaHB-XSW
2008-feb-23 SA315B LamaHB-XND
2008-aug-06 SA315B LamaHB-XII
2009-jan-02 EC135T2HB-ZEF
2009-feb-28 AS350B3 EcureuilHB-ZCX
2009-feb-28 SA315B LamaHB-XII
2009-feb-28 SA315B LamaHB-XSW
2009-aug-21 SA315B LamaHB-XND
2011-sep-13 SA315B LamaHB-XII
2012-dec-01 429HB-ZSU
2013-feb-16 429HB-ZSU

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