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  • switzerland Sion

    Sion, Valais



    Satellite and aerial maps of Sion with nearby locations

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    26.5279LSGB Bex, Vaud
    26.9300LSXY Leysin heliport, Vaud
    28.7281LSEC Collombey, Vaud
    30.3348LSGK Saanen, Bern
    31.2072LSMJ Turtmann, Valais
    31.6012LSTS St Stephan, Bern

    1935 to present

    46° 13' 11'' N - 7° 19' 36'' E
    West of Sion
    Elevation: 1585 feet

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    List of units at Sion

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    YearsRotary Wing Aircraft Unitbold : Current Model
    normal: Unit no longer at this base
    2005/    heli-alpes429 2014/   
    AS355 Ecureuil 2 2010/   
    1965/    Air GlaciersEC120B 2003/   
    SA315B Lama 1971/   
    Alouette III 1966/   
    47 1965/   

    Sion News

    Swiss RUAG Achieves Bell 505 MRO Approvals, 06-Jun-18 : #MRO RUAG achieves Bell 505 maintenance repair and overhaul (MRO) approvals with reassembly capabilities at their helicopters support facility in Sion.

    List of aircraft and events at Sion

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    By Date | By Serial

    412OE-XHT dec16
    430HB-ZBZ 10jun06
    A109AHB-ZKU 01mar13
    A109EHB-XQE 18jul03
    A109K2HB-XWC 19dec11
    A109K2HB-XWH 04jan04
    AS332CD-HLOG 08jul03
    AS332CHB-XNE 24jun89
    AS332CI-EMEB 01mar01
    AS332M1T-318 27sep08
    AS332M1T-320 16sep11
    AS332M1T-323 20feb09
    AS332M1T-325 01feb05
    AS350BF-GFPM 26jan05
    AS350B1HB-ZCC 14feb04
    AS350B2F-GTRF 17feb07
    AS350B2HB-ZIL 24jan10 14jan11 01mar13 25jan14
    AS350B3F-HETH 25feb12
    AS350B3HB-XQJ 25jan14
    AS350B3HB-ZCB 10jan02 17jul03
    AS350B3HB-ZDY 01may06
    AS350B3HB-ZES 14jan11
    AS350B3HB-ZFI 01sep03 01mar04 24apr04 01may04
    AS350B3HB-ZGV 27dec05
    AS350B3HB-ZJR 25jan14
    AS350B3HB-ZNA 25jan14
    AW101 611MM81875 30jun20
    AW109EG-JERL 06jun04
    AW109SPHB-ZPX 25jan14
    EC120BF-GMHZ 01mar05
    EC120BHB-ZCG 24dec03
    EC120BHB-ZDS 05nov03 01mar04
    EC120BHB-ZEZ 10may03 01jun04
    EC120BHB-ZLY 03mar13 25jan14
    EC130B4HB-ZFB 27sep03 04jan04 02feb06
    EC135T2HB-ZEF 03jul18 23aug18 02jan20
    EC145F-ZBPA 10dec03
    EC635P2+T-358 16sep11
    H130HB-ZAZ 22apr16 15feb20
    K-MAXHB-ZEH 27sep03
    K-MAXHB-ZGK 01sep16 07apr20
    MD900HB-XJF 01may04 02may08
    MI-24V0816 07jun97
    RAVEN IIHB-ZOS 25jan14
    S-76BHB-ZMS 18sep11
    SA315BHB-XII 16sep11
    SA315BHB-XRF 02jun03 24jan05 02feb06 25jan14
    SA315BHB-XVL 01jun83
    SA315BHB-XZU 12feb10
    SA316BV-240 27sep08 16oct08
    SA316BV-244 01jun93
    SE3160A-350 19jun86
    SE3160HB-XCB 01jun83 14feb09 14jan11
    SE3160HB-XNZ 02sep01 14sep03 01mar04 27dec05 02feb06 31aug07
    SE3160HB-XOE 24aug03 31jan04 26jan06 09jun07 29jan09
    SE3160HB-XOF 20feb09 13feb10 08jan11
    SE3160V-206 01oct04

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