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  • switzerland Meiringen-Unterbach AB

    Meiringen, Bern



    Satellite and aerial maps of Meiringen-Unterbach with nearby locations

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    5.9226 Axalp, Bern
    7.8117LSXC Schattenhalb, Bern
    19.1247LSMI Interlaken, Bern
    19.5220LSWM Männlichen, Bern
    19.6245LSXI Wilderswil, Bern
    20.6239LSXG Gsteigwiler Heliport, Bern

    46° 44' 35.99'' N - 8° 6' 36.00'' E
    Elevation: 1900 feet

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    List of units at Meiringen-Unterbach

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    YearsRotary Wing Aircraft Unitbold : Current Model
    normal: Unit no longer at this base
    1972/    Heli-LinthAS365N3 Dauphin 2 1998/06
    AS350 Ecureuil 1998/   
    SA365N Dauphin 2 1997/00

    List of aircraft and events at Meiringen-Unterbach

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    By Date | By Serial

    2003-oct-10 AS332M1 T-321
    2005-jan-28 SA365N1 T-771
    2005-jul-26 AS532UL T-337
    2005-oct-11 AS532UL T-332
    2005-oct-11 AS532UL T-341
    2005-oct-12 AS532UL T-333
    2005-oct-13 AS532UL T-334
    2005-oct-13 SA316B V-270
    2005-oct-13 SA316B V-261
    2006-apr-05 AS332M1 T-318
    2006-aug-09 AS332M T-313
    2006-oct-01 AS332M1 T-317
    2006-oct-01 AS532UL T-333
    2006-oct-01 AS532UL T-340 / T-340
    2006-oct-10 AS532UL T-337
    2006-oct-11 AS532UL T-336
    2006-oct-12 AS332M1 T-319
    2006-oct-12 AS532UL T-339
    2006-oct-13 SA316B V-244
    2007-mar-24 AS532UL T-340 / T-340
    2007-mar-24 AS532UL T-335
    2007-oct-07 SA316B V-281
    2007-oct-09 AS332M T-312
    2007-oct-09 AS332M1 T-324
    2007-oct-10 AS332M1 T-318
    2007-oct-10 Schweizer Luftwaffe AS332M1 T-323
    2007-oct-10 AS332M1 T-325
    2007-oct-10 AS532UL T-341
    2007-oct-11 AS532UL T-335
    2007-oct-11 SA316B V-277
    2008-apr-25 AS332M1 T-316
    2008-oct-07 AS332M T-313
    2008-oct-08 AS332M1 T-314
    2008-oct-08 AS332M1 T-325
    2008-oct-08 SA316B V-254
    2008-oct-08 SA316B V-259
    2008-oct-08 SA316B V-278
    2008-oct-09 AS332M1 T-320
    2008-oct-09 AS532UL T-339
    2009-oct-06 AS332M1 T-320
    2009-oct-06 AS532UL T-338
    2009-oct-06 EC635P2 T-354
    2009-oct-07 AS332M1 T-319
    2009-oct-07 AS532UL T-342
    2009-oct-07 SA316B V-249
    2009-oct-07 SA316B V-249
    2009-oct-07 SA316B V-268
    2010-oct-12 AS332M1 T-325
    2010-oct-14 AS332M1 T-316
    2011-may-21 SA316B V-262
    2011-oct-05 AS532UL T-336
    2011-oct-11 AS332M1 T-320
    2011-oct-11 AS532UL T-342
    2011-oct-12 AS332M T-313
    2011-oct-12 Heliswiss International AG KA-32 HB-XKE
    2011-oct-13 AS532UL T-337
    2011-oct-13 EC635P2 T-361
    2011-oct-13 EC635P2+ T-358
    2012-may-02 AS532UL T-338
    2015-oct-05 AS332M1 T-325
    2015-oct-06 Schweizer Luftwaffe AS332M1 T-323
    2016-jun-17 AS532UL T-338

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