switzerland Locarno Magadino

Locarno, Ticino

16.6 32LSXR Lodrino Heliport, Ticino
17.0 31LSML Lodrino Air Base, Ticino
18.0171LSZA Lugano, Lugano
39.6192LILC Calcinate del Pesce, Lombardia
41.3339LSPM Ambri, Ambri
41.7159LILY Como Seaplane, Lombardia

46° 9' 51.83'' N - 8° 52' 40.01'' E

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By Date | By Serial

214B-1HB-XVZ 19jun99
A109E PowerHB-XQE 24feb03 21apr05 27feb06
A109E PowerHB-ZCP 03jun00
A109E PowerHB-ZCQ 24feb03 17dec04 12jan05
A109K2HB-XWA 17dec04
A109K2HB-XWD 05sep09
A109K2HB-XWG 13jan02 27may06
A109K2HB-XWH 23jul03
A109K2HB-XWP 25apr04 02jan05 27may06 27jul07
AS332M Super PumaT-311 19jun99
AS350B1 EcureuilHB-XPK 08jun01
AS350B3 EcureuilHB-ZHE 16sep07 18aug10
AS350B3 EcureuilHB-ZIW 31jul07 07aug10
AS355F2 Ecureuil 2 HB-ZIV 10apr10
AW109E PowerHB-ZDM 01jun02 18oct04 12jan05
AW109E PowerHB-ZJN 24may08
AW109S GrandI-PRDA 21feb10
AW109SP GrandNewHB-ZRP 31may14
AW109SP GrandNewHB-ZRZ 10apr10
AW139HB-ZJI 24may08
AW139HB-ZJJ 24may08
AW139HB-ZUU 09aug10
AW139YR-TIA 09aug10
EC120BHB-ZCG 01may03 17jan04 07jan05 26jun06 04aug07
EC120BHB-ZDS 04aug07
EC120BHB-ZFY 07aug10
EC120BHB-ZIE 21mar09 09aug10
EC145HB-ZRB 05feb03
EC145HB-ZRC 04aug07
SA316B Alouette IIIV-262 18sep10

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