turkey Atatürk / Yesilköy Airport

Istanbul, Istanbul



Satellite and aerial maps of Istanbul Ataturk with nearby locations

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1.7143 Havacilik Müzesi, Istanbul
26.3302LTBW Istanbul Hezarfen, Istanbul
32.5347LTFM Istanbul International Airport, Istanbul
33.7086LTBX Samandira AB, Istanbul
42.4101LTFJ Istanbul Gokcen, Istanbul
57.4124LTBP Yalova AB, Yalova

40° 58' 36.83'' N - 28° 48' 52.56'' E
10.5nm WSW of Istanbul
Elevation: 163 feet

History of this Location

Passenger flights were transferred to the new Istanbul International Airport in Apr 2019. Istanbul Atatürk remains open for cargo and general aviation.

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Istanbul Ataturk News

Erickson Secures Turkish Firefighting Contract, 24-Aug-15 : Erickson has been selected by Pan Aviation to provide emergency fire suppression support for the Municipality of Istanbul and the surrounding areas with a S-64E aircrane for 2 years.

List of aircraft and events at Istanbul Ataturk

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1995-jun Türk Hava KuvvetleriUH-1H Iroquois69-15797
2006-jun-09 AS350B3 EcureuilTC-HEH
2006-jun-09 AW119 KoalaTC-HKM
2006-dec-14 430TC-HNH
2007-dec-30 430TC-HNH
2008-jun-12 AW139TC-HRK
2009-oct-06 MD600NEM-0060
2009-nov-09 430TC-HNH
2010-jan-05 MD600NEM-0060
2010-dec-23 MD600NEM-0068
2012-sep-06 206B-3 Jet RangerTC-HBK
2014-mar-22 EC135T2TC-HJF
2014-sep-25 429EM-7116
2014-sep-25 AW139TC-HKU
2014-oct 407GXTC-HCT
2016-aug-23 429EM-7095
2019-sep-17 Türk Kara KuvvetleriT129 ATAK18-1039
2019-sep-22 Türk Kara KuvvetleriS-70A-28 Yarasa14309

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