slovakia Milan Rastislav Stefánik


Satellite and aerial maps of Milan Rastislav Stefanik with nearby locations

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48.1262LOWW Vienna Schwechat, Niederösterreich
52.6276LOAJ Aspern Heliport, Niederösterreich
61.1271 Museum of Military History, Niederösterreich
66.4272 Vienna Technical Museum, Niederösterreich
68.0 41LZPP Piestany, Piestany
69.2 79LZNI Nitra, Nitra

48° 10' 12.72'' N - 17° 12' 45.72'' E
Elevation: 436 feet

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List of units at Milan Rastislav Stefanik

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YearsRotary Wing Aircraft Unitbold : Current Model
normal: Unit no longer at this base
1993/01Slov-Air Slovakia
1969/92C1 Slov-Air Czechoslovakia

List of aircraft and events at Milan Rastislav Stefanik

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By Date | By Serial

1997-dec-16 W-3A0718
1998-mar-11 Mi-8T Hip-C (Ulan-Ude)OM-EVA
2000-may-17 Mi-2 HopliteB-2406
2000-may-17 Mi-2 HopliteB-2048
2000-may-17 Mi-8T Hip-C (Ulan-Ude)OM-EVA
2003-jun-11 Mi-8T Hip-C (Ulan-Ude)OM-EVA
2004-jun-12 Mi-17 Hip-H0820
2004-jun-12 S-70A-42 Black Hawk6M-BE
2005-jun-27 A109K2OM-ATB
2006-sep-11 A109K2OM-ATA
2007-jan-16 Mi-8T Hip-C (Ulan-Ude)OM-EVA
2007-apr-26 Lynx AH9ZG921
2007-may-01 AS532UL Cougar2369 / FW
2008-dec-29 AS355NP Ecureuil 2 / TwinStarOM-GGA
2012-apr-26 AW149I-PTFA
2018-mar-08 Utair EuropeMi-8T Hip-COM-AVS

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