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Satellite and aerial maps of Piestany with nearby locations

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29.5 24LZTN Trencin, Trencin
44.5149LZNI Nitra, Nitra
49.2 32LZDB Dubnica, Dubnica nad Váhom
68.0222LZIB Milan Rastislav Stefanik, Bratislava
79.3346LKHO Holesov, Zlin
79.5337LKKM Kromeriz, Kromeriz

48° 37' 30.71'' N - 17° 49' 42.24'' E

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List of aircraft and events at Piestany

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2007-jun-15 Mi-171Sh9825
2007-jun-16 A109K2OM-ATD
2007-jun-16 Mi-17 Hip-H0847
2007-jun-16 Mi-171COM-AVO
2007-jun-16 Mi-8T Hip-COM-AVP
2008-jun-15 Mi-171Sh9825
2009-jun-13 Mi-17 Hip-H0820
2009-jun-13 Mi-8T Hip-COM-AVS
2009-jun-14 Mi-171Sh220
2009-nov-08 Mi-8T Hip-COM-AVP
2010-may-28 Mi-17 Hip-H0844
2010-may-28 Mi-171Sh9892
2010-may-29 Mi-17 Hip-H0820
2010-may-29 W-3A0717

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