haiti Aéroport de Jacmel

Jacmel, Sud Est


Satellite and aerial maps of Jacmel Airport with nearby locations

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44.6031MTPP Port-au-Prince, l'Ouest
46.3350 Port au Prince,
189.8083MDAD Azua, Azua
239.6056MDST Cibao Intl,
261.2067MDAN Angelina, Sánchez Ramírez
265.4050MDPP Puerto Plata,

2006 to present

18° 14' 24'' N - 72° 31' 7.25'' W
1nm NE Jacmel waterfront
Elevation: 167 feet

History of this Location

A Canadian Armed Forces team conducted repairs and improvements to the Jacmel airstrip during the relief efforts following the Haitian earthquake on 12 Jan 2010, under Operation Hestia. Enhanced lighting, a temporary control tower and rapid clearance of runway edge trees allowed a large volume of traffic to bring in supplies to the south of the island and relieve the pressure on the main airport at Port au Prince.

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