united kingdom Merryfield

Ilminster, England
United Kingdom

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10.5149 Higher Purtington, England
13.9293 Musgrove Park, England
14.3294 ARC Taunton, England
19.6 97EGHG Yeovil, England
20.9 94 Yeovil College, England
21.4 75EGDY RNAS Yeovilton, England

1944 to present

50° 57' 45'' N - 2° 56' 9'' W
8nm SE of Taunton
Elevation: 144 feet

History of this Location

Opened in Feb 1944 as USAAF glider base for the D-Day invasion and after World War 2 it was turned into a hospital, eventually being put into maintenance. In 1951 it reopened but eventually became a satellite for Portland and Yeovilton. Like Predannack and Culdrose, its proximity to Yeovilton means it can take the pressure from the Yeovilton circuit during intense periods of flying training.
Used ICAO code EGDW, until c 2011/12.

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List of aircraft and events at Merryfield

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By Date | By Serial

1986-mar-25 AccidentFleet Air ArmWaspXT439
2005-may-22 CH-47D ChinookZH893 / BM
2005-may-22 Lynx AH1XZ670
2005-may-22 Merlin HC.3ZJ128 / M
2005-may-22 WAH-64 ApacheZJ229
2010-jun-16 Lynx HAS2XZ693 / 305
2010-jun-16 Sea King HC.4ZD627 / WO
2010-jun-16 WAH-64 ApacheZJ188
2011-jun-08 Lynx HAS2XZ727 / 634
2011-jun-08 Sea King HC.4ZD627 / WO
2014-jun-25 AW159 Wildcat HMA2ZZ378
2014-jun-25 Sea King HC.4ZF117 / X
2014-jun-25 Sea King HC.4ZE427 / K

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