cyprus RAF Akrotiri guardhouse

Akrotiri, Limassol


Satellite and aerial maps of RAF Akrotiri guardhouse with nearby locations

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0.6035LCRA RAF Akrotiri, Limassol
12.1064 Akrotiri Bay, Limassol
16.6309 Salamanca Barracks, Limassol
19.9297 Bloodhound Camp, Limassol
22.5010 Apsiou, Limassol
33.5000 Pelendri, Limassol

1956 to present

34° 35' 5.25'' N - 32° 58' 37.44'' E
Western Sovereign Base Area
Elevation: 16 feet

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List of aircraft and events at RAF Akrotiri guardhouse

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1993-mar Gate GuardianUK Royal Air ForceWhirlwind HAR.48787M

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