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  • japan Tokyo Heliport

    Tokyo, Honshu



    Satellite and aerial maps of Tokyo Heliport with nearby locations

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    4.1260 Tokyo Big Sight, Honshu
    6.1280 Harumi Pier, Honshu
    10.6209RJTT Haneda, Honshu
    20.9219 Tsurumi Shipayrd (NKK), Honshu
    23.1069 Narashino Training Ground, Honshu
    23.9042RJTL Shimofusa Naval Air Base, Honshu

    35° 38' 9.96'' N - 139° 50' 20.42'' E

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    List of units at Tokyo Heliport

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    YearsRotary Wing Aircraft Unitbold : Current Model
    normal: Unit no longer at this base
    Tokyo Fire DepartmentAW189 2019/   
    AW139 2012/   
    AS365 Dauphin 2 1997/   
    Super Puma/Cougar 1994/   
    SA365 Dauphin 2 1982/10

    List of aircraft and events at Tokyo Heliport

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    By Date | By Serial

    2008-feb-18 EC135P2 JA02CP
    2008-feb-21 430 JA121T
    2008-mar-19 AS332L1 JA6741
    2008-jun-06 MK510 JA01MP
    2009-jan-14 EC155B1 JA11MP
    2009-jan-16 AW109E JA34MP
    2009-oct-19 AS365N3 JA01FD
    2010-jan-05 412 JA9584
    2010-jan-05 412HP JA6704
    2010-aug-03 FDMA AS365N3 JA119G
    2010-aug-26 AS332L1 JA6720
    2011-feb-15 EC135P2 JA02CP
    2011-mar-04 412EP JA6750
    2011-mar-04 AS365N3 JA01FD
    2011-apr-29 FDMA AS365N3 JA119G
    2011-apr-30 412SP JA9986
    2011-may-21 BK117B-2 JA6730
    2011-aug-13 412EP JA6928
    2011-aug-13 EC135P1 JA30TH
    2011-sep-08 BK117C-2 JA01KF
    2011-dec-05 A109E JA109E
    2012-jan-05 412HP JA6726
    2012-jan-05 430 JA05TV
    2012-jan-05 FDMA AS365N3 JA119G
    2012-jan-23 TH-135 8807
    2012-feb-15 407 JA6407
    2012-feb-15 430 JA121T
    2012-feb-15 EC135P2 JA02CP
    2012-feb-28 AW109E JA34MP
    2012-mar-26 204 JA9439
    2012-apr-02 AS350B JA9801
    2012-apr-04 412 JA9584
    2012-jun-01 AS365N2 JA6740
    2012-jun-01 EC135P2 JA03CP
    2012-jun-14 AS332L JA9672
    2012-aug-10 412EP JA200G
    2012-aug-10 AS365N2 JA61NH
    2012-sep-08 AS350B JA9757
    2013-feb-07 AS365N2 JA6753
    2013-sep-02 AS365N2 JA61NH
    2013-sep-02 EC155B1 JA11MP
    2013-dec-25 EC135P2 JA02CP
    2013-dec-27 AS332L1 JA6720 / 6
    2014-jan-06 AS332L1 JA6720
    2014-jan-06 AS332L1 JA6741
    2014-jan-06 AS365N3 JA01FD
    2014-jan-06 FDMA AS365N3 JA119G / 5
    2014-feb-20 412EP N412TX
    2016-aug-23 AS365N3 JA01FD
    2019-jun-19 accidentJapanese Newspapers and News Media AS355F2 JA6697

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