egypt Suez Canal


Satellite and aerial maps of Suez Canal with nearby locations

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77.3 0 Port Said,
78.8355HEPS Gamil,
99.7240HECA Cairo Intl, Cairo
132.3 8 Nile Delta,
176.6230 Kom Ashwin,
182.8 71HEGR El Gorah, El Gora

30° 34' 20'' N - 32° 18' 15'' E

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Suez Canal News

Royal Navy Merlin Deployed Aboard French Mistral, 05-Apr-17 : For the first time, two Merlins helicopters from Royal Navy 845 NAS are assigned to the French assault ship Mistral throughout her six-month deployment to the Indian and Pacific Oceans

Charles de Gaulle Aircraft Carrier Crossed Suez Canal, 09-Dec-15 : The French nuclear-powered aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle (R 91) led a flotilla of warships from France, Belgium and Germany through the Suez Canal on a southbound transit into the Indian Ocean

List of aircraft and events at Suez Canal

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2012-jan-30 IsmailiaUK Royal NavyType 45 Daring classD32 HMS Daring
2015-nov-18 2016-jan-04 BE Belgian NavyKarel Doorman classF930 Leopold I
2015-dec DE German Navy F 122 Bremen classF213 Augsburg
2018-oct UK Royal NavyType 45 Daring classD35 HMS Dragon
2018-oct UK Royal Fleet AuxiliaryBay classL3007 RFA Lyme Bay

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