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  • egypt Suez Canal

    Suez, Suez


    Satellite and aerial maps of Suez Canal with nearby locations

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    7.3293HE44 Al Ismailiyah AB, Ismailia
    20.0270HE35 Abu Suwayr AB, Ismailia
    27.2186 Fa'id AB, Ismailia
    35.2314HE39 As Salihiyah AB, Sharqia
    40.4153HE34 Kibrit AB, Suez
    61.2272 Az Zaqazig AB, Sharqia

    1869 to present

    30° 34' 20'' N - 32° 18' 15'' E
    ICAO: IATA: Local: EGSCN

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    Suez Canal News

    Royal Navy Merlin Deployed Aboard French Mistral, 05-Apr-17 : For the first time, two Merlins helicopters from Royal Navy 845 NAS are assigned to the French assault ship Mistral throughout her six-month deployment to the Indian and Pacific Oceans

    Charles de Gaulle Aircraft Carrier Crossed Suez Canal, 09-Dec-15 : The French nuclear-powered aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle (R 91) led a flotilla of warships from France, Belgium and Germany through the Suez Canal on a southbound transit into the Indian Ocean

    List of aircraft and events at Suez Canal

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    By Date | By Serial

    2012-jan-30 IsmailiaRN Type 45 Daring class D32 HMS Daring
    2015-nov-18 2016-jan-04 Marine Karel Doorman class F930 Leopold I
    2015-dec Marineflieger F 122 Bremen class F213 Augsburg
    2018-oct RN Type 45 Daring class D35 HMS Dragon
    2018-oct Royal Fleet Auxiliary Bay class L3007 RFA Lyme Bay
    2021-jul-07 CSG21Royal Fleet Auxiliary Tide class A136 RFA Tidespring
    2021-jul-07 CSG21Royal Fleet Auxiliary Fort II class (1992) A387 RFA Fort Victoria
    2021-jul-07 CSG21RN Type 45 Daring class D36 HMS Defender
    2021-jul-07 CSG21USN Arleigh Burke Flight I class DDG-68 USS The Sullivans
    2021-jul-07 CSG21RN Type 23 Duke class F78 HMS Kent
    2021-jul-07 CSG21Marine Luchtvaartdienst De Zeven Provinciƫn class F805 Hr.Ms. Evertsen
    2021-jul-07 CSG21RN Queen Elizabeth class R08 HMS Queen Elizabeth

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