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  • united kingdom West India Docks

    London, Greater London, England

    United Kingdom

    Satellite and aerial maps of West India Dock (TQ) with nearby locations

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    0.3084 West India Dock (HQ), England
    1.1121 Victoria Deep, England
    1.4212 Vanguard / Falcon, England
    1.9181 Greenwich Reach, England
    3.0077 Royal Victoria Dock, England
    3.5301 Royal London Hospital, England

    51° 30' 4.25'' N - 0° 0' 53.1'' W
    Thames Quay
    Elevation: 6 feet

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    List of aircraft and events at West India Dock (TQ)

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    By Date | By Serial

    1991-dec-02 Canadian Armed Forces CH-124 12423
    2003-aug-17 2003-aug Marineflieger F 122 Bremen class F208 Niedersachsen
    2007-mar-25 2007-mar Marineflieger 404 Elbe class A516 Donau
    2007-apr Marine Luchtvaartdienst Karel Doorman class F831 Hr.Ms. Van Amstel
    2009-jul Marine Godetia class A960 Godetia
    2009-jul-17 2009-jul USN Oliver Hazard Perry long-hull class FFG-40 USS Halyburton
    2012-jan-26 West India DocksRN Type 42 (Batch 1 and 2) class D92 HMS Liverpool
    2012-dec-09 MW Helicopters AS355E G-XLLL
    2013-mar-02 2013-mar-07 RN Type 23 Duke class F229 HMS Lancaster
    2013-mar-03 RN HAS.3 ZD257
    2013-apr-27 2013-may-02 VisitCanadian Armed Forces Iroquois TRUMP class DDG 280 HMCS Iroquois
    2013-jun-26 2013-jun-30 Thames QuayRN Type 23 Duke class F239 HMS Richmond
    2013-sep-07 2013-sep-12 RN Type 23 Duke class F238 HMS Northumberland
    2014-may-16 2014-may-19 Marineflieger 703 Walchensee class A1425 Ammersee
    2014-may-16 2014-may-20 Marineflieger 404 Elbe class A512 Mosel
    2014-may-29 RN Type 23 Duke class F236 HMS Montrose
    2014-aug-08 2014-aug-13 DocklandsMarina Militare Italiana Durand de la Penne class D 560 Luigi Durand de la Penne
    2014-sep-24 2014-sep-29 Thames QuayRN Type 23 Duke class F237 HMS Westminster
    2015-apr-24 2015-apr-27 Thames QuayMarina F100 Alvaro de Bazan F-104 Mendez Nuñez
    2015-apr-25 Thames QuayMarina S-70B-1 HS.23-09
    2015-may-20 2015-may-25 Thames QuayMarineflieger F 124 Sachsen class F219 Sachsen
    2015-jul-07 2015-jul-15 RN Type 23 Duke class F83 HMS St Albans
    2015-nov-26 2015-nov SNMCMG1Marine Godetia class A960 Godetia
    2016-jan-24 2016-jan-27 LFB150RN River class P282 HMS Severn
    2016-apr-15 2016-apr-18 Marineflieger 404 Elbe class A515 Main
    2016-may-12 2016-may-16 RN Type 23 Duke class F78 HMS Kent
    2016-may-20 2016-may-26 Jutland 100RN Type 45 Daring class D37 HMS Duncan
    2016-may-21 Thames QuayRN HMA.2 ZZ376
    2017-may-07 2017-may-10 Bharatiya Nau Sena Teg class F50 INS Tarkash
    2017-oct-02 2017-oct-07 People's Liberation Army Navy Type 054A class 577 PLANS Huanggang
    2017-oct-02 2017-oct-07 People's Liberation Army Navy Type 054A class 578 PLANS Yangzhou
    2017-oct-21 2017-oct RN Type 23 Duke class F81 HMS Sutherland
    2017-nov-28 2017-dec-04 Kongelig Norske Marine Fridtjof Nansen class F312 KNM Otto Sverdrup
    2019-aug-05 2019-aug-08 Thames QuayRN Type 23 Duke class F237 HMS Westminster

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