australia Avalon Airport

Lara, Victoria

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24.7188YBRS Barwon Heads, Victoria
27.8 64YMPC Point Cook, Victoria
31.5 51YLVT Laverton, Victoria
43.5 63 Williamstown, Victoria
45.2 61 Port of Melbourne, Victoria
48.6 60YYBK Yarra River Heliport, Victoria

38° 2' 21.83'' S - 144° 28' 8.38'' E

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News about this location

Bond Australia Begins Service with the S-92, 24-Feb-15 : Sikorsky Aircraft announced the official delivery of two S-92 helicopters to Bond Helicopters Australia at the 2015 Avalon Airshow.

Northrop Grumman at Avalon 2015, 23-Feb-15 : Northrop Grumman will highlight key programmes at the Australian International Air Show including unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) and intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR)

List of aircraft and events at Avalon

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1992-oct-01 Ka-32T Helix-CCCCP-31064
1999-feb-01 AH-2 Rooivalk670
1999-feb-01 S-70B-2 SeahawkN24-015 / 884
1999-feb-01 Sea King Mk.50N16-114 /
2001-feb-12 CH-47D ChinookA15-104
2001-feb-13 222N34NR
2001-feb-13 A109CVH-LUI
2001-feb-13 A119 KoalaVH-FOX
2001-feb-15 EC120BVH-VCC
2001-feb-15 S-70B-2 SeahawkN24-015 / 884
2001-feb-16 UH-1H IroquoisA2-703
2001-feb-17 CH-54B TarheN179AC
2001-feb-18 206L-1 Long RangerVH-BHF
2001-feb-18 S-76AVH-HRP
2003-feb-11 EC120BVH-VCC
2003-feb-14 AS365N3 Dauphin 2VH-PVH
2003-feb-14 NH90F-ZWTI
2003-feb-15 Sea King Mk.50AN16-239 /
2003-feb-15 Tiger / TigreF-ZWWW
2004-jun-01 AW109E PowerVH-FOX
2005-mar-14 AS350B EcureuilN22-021 / 819
2005-mar-15 AS350B3 EcureuilVH-XKW
2005-mar-15 EC145VH-TNG
2005-mar-16 A119 KoalaVH-HFX
2005-mar-18 AS365N3 Dauphin 2VH-PVH
2005-mar-19 CH-47D ChinookA15-104
2005-mar-19 EC120BVH-VFN
2005-mar-19 EC120BVH-ECP
2005-mar-19 S-70A-9 Black HawkA25-215
2005-mar-19 S-70B-2 SeahawkN24-015 / 884
2005-mar-19 S-70B-2 SeahawkN24-016 / 885
2005-mar-19 UH-2BN29-150156
2007-mar-18 EC135P2PK-TSS
2007-mar-21 AW109E PowerVH-ATH
2007-mar-22 300CBi (269C-1)VH-PHG
2007-mar-22 A119 KoalaVH-RPS / 553
2007-mar-23 AS350B EcureuilN22-015 / 862
2007-mar-24 S-70A-9 Black HawkA25-111
2008-may-13 EC130B4VH-IXX
2009-mar-09 AS332M Super Puma281 / 81
2009-mar-10 EC135P2+VH-MQS
2009-mar-10 R22 Beta IIVH-HPL
2009-mar-10 S-70B-2 SeahawkN24-001
2009-mar-11 AW109E PowerVH-ATH
2009-mar-11 S-70A-9 Black HawkA25-107
2009-mar-11 S-76AVH-LHN
2009-mar-13 212VH-JJY / 331
2009-mar-13 AS365N3 Dauphin 2VH-PVH
2009-mar-13 AW109E PowerVH-FOX
2009-mar-13 CH-54B TarheN179AC / 739
2009-mar-13 S-61LC-FMAY
2009-mar-14 412EPVH-VAS
2009-mar-14 AW119Ke KoalaVH-KEJ
2009-mar-14 EC120BVH-VCC
2009-mar-15 AW109S GrandVH-FOX
2011-mar-01 AS350B EcureuilN22-018 / 865
2011-mar-01 EC130B4VH-ZVX
2011-mar-01 EC135P2VH-NVG
2011-mar-01 R44 Raven IIVH-KWT
2011-mar-03 AW139VH-NZE
2011-mar-03 MRH90 TaipanA40-016
2011-mar-03 MRH90 TaipanA40-011
2011-mar-05 429N10984
2011-mar-06 S-70A-9 Black HawkA25-101
2011-mar-06 Sea King Mk.50AN16-239 /
2012-jan-02 EC130B4VH-ZVX
2013-feb-26 AW119Ke KoalaVH-UCL / 298
2013-feb-28 AS365N3 Dauphin 2VH-PVH
2013-feb-28 AW109E PowerVH-BRB
2013-feb-28 EC130B4VH-IXX
2013-feb-28 EC135T2+VH-PVE
2013-mar-01 EC135P2+VH-VJB
2013-mar-02 AS355NP Ecureuil 2 / TwinStarVH-ZXX
2013-mar-03 AS350B2 EcureuilVH-LSR
2013-mar-03 AW139VH-YHF
2013-mar-03 EC130B4VH-ZVX
2014-dec-15 EC135P2+VH-VJB
2015-feb-24 Avalon 2015   Professional Helicopter Services206L-1 Long RangerVH-PHL
2015-feb-24 Avalon 2015   AW119Kx KoalaVH-WJY
2015-feb-24 Avalon 2015   AW139VH-YXF
2015-feb-24 Avalon 2015   Fleet Air Arm (RAN)MH-60R SeahawkN48-005
2015-feb-25 AS350B3 EcureuilVH-YJB / 317
2015-feb-25 AS355NP Ecureuil 2 / TwinStarVH-ZXX
2015-feb-25 EC120BVH-ECP
2015-feb-25 S-92AVH-NYZ
2015-feb-26 MRH90 TaipanA40-016
2015-feb-27 EC120BVH-KXX
2015-mar-01 Babcock AustraliaS-92AVH-NYZ
2015-apr-03 412EPVH-VAO
2015-may-17 412EPVH-VAO
2015-jun-15 412EPVH-VAO
2015-jul-07 S-92AVH-ZUW
2015-sep-09 AW139VH-YXF
2015-sep-09 AW139VH-YXG
2016-mar-12 AW139VH-YXF
2016-jul-12 S-92AVH-NBP
2017-feb-28 AW109SP GrandNewVH-CZT
2017-feb-28 Australia Air AmbulancesAW139VH-YXG
2017-feb-28 Australia Air AmbulancesAW139VH-TJH
2017-feb-28 Fleet Air Arm (RAN)MRH90 TaipanA40-006
2017-feb-28 Australian Army AviationMRH90 TaipanA40-013
2017-feb-28 Australian Army AviationTiger ARHA38-013
2017-apr-03 Flying DisplayFleet Air Arm (RAN)MRH90 TaipanA40-017

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