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    Lara, Victoria


    List of aircraft and events at Avalon

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    By Date | By Serial

    1992-oct-01 KA-32T CCCP-31064
    1999-feb-01 MK50 N16-114 /
    1999-feb-01 ROOIVALK 670
    1999-feb-01 S-70B-2 N24-015 / 884
    2001-feb-12 CH-47D A15-104
    2001-feb-13 222 N34NR
    2001-feb-13 A109C VH-LUI
    2001-feb-13 A119 VH-FOX
    2001-feb-15 EC120B VH-VCC
    2001-feb-15 S-70B-2 N24-015 / 884
    2001-feb-16 UH-1H A2-703
    2001-feb-17 CH-54B N179AC
    2001-feb-18 206L-1 VH-BHF
    2001-feb-18 S-76A VH-HRP
    2003-feb-11 EC120B VH-VCC
    2003-feb-14 AS365N3 VH-PVH
    2003-feb-14 NH90 F-ZWTI
    2003-feb-15 MK50A N16-239 /
    2003-feb-15 TIGER F-ZWWW
    2004-jun-01 AW109E VH-FOX
    2005-mar-14 AS350B N22-021 / 819
    2005-mar-15 AS350B3 VH-XKW
    2005-mar-15 EC145 VH-TNG
    2005-mar-16 A119 VH-HFX
    2005-mar-18 AS365N3 VH-PVH
    2005-mar-19 CH-47D A15-104
    2005-mar-19 EC120B VH-VFN
    2005-mar-19 EC120B VH-ECP
    2005-mar-19 S-70A-9 A25-215
    2005-mar-19 S-70B-2 N24-015 / 884
    2005-mar-19 S-70B-2 N24-016 / 885
    2005-mar-19 UH-2B N29-150156
    2007-mar-18 EC135P2 PK-TSS
    2007-mar-21 AW109E VH-ATH
    2007-mar-22 300CBI VH-PHG
    2007-mar-22 A119 VH-RPS / 553
    2007-mar-23 AS350B N22-015 / 862
    2007-mar-24 S-70A-9 A25-111
    2008-may-13 EC130B4 VH-IXX
    2009-mar-09 AS332M 281 / 81
    2009-mar-10 BETA II VH-HPL
    2009-mar-10 EC135P2+ VH-MQS
    2009-mar-10 S-70B-2 N24-001
    2009-mar-11 AW109E VH-ATH
    2009-mar-11 S-70A-9 A25-107
    2009-mar-11 S-76A VH-LHN
    2009-mar-13 212 VH-JJY / 331
    2009-mar-13 AS365N3 VH-PVH
    2009-mar-13 AW109E VH-FOX
    2009-mar-13 CH-54B N179AC / 739
    2009-mar-13 S-61L C-FMAY
    2009-mar-14 Australia Air Ambulances 412EP VH-VAS
    2009-mar-14 AW119KE VH-KEJ
    2009-mar-14 EC120B VH-VCC
    2009-mar-15 AW109S VH-FOX
    2011-mar-01 AS350B N22-018 / 865
    2011-mar-01 EC130B4 VH-ZVX
    2011-mar-01 EC135P2 VH-NVG
    2011-mar-01 RAVEN II VH-KWT
    2011-mar-03 AW139 VH-NZE
    2011-mar-03 MRH90 ?
    2011-mar-03 MRH90 ?
    2011-mar-05 429 N10984
    2011-mar-06 MK50A N16-239 /
    2011-mar-06 S-70A-9 A25-101
    2012-jan-02 EC130B4 VH-ZVX
    2013-feb-26 AW119KE VH-UCL / 298
    2013-feb-28 AS365N3 VH-PVH
    2013-feb-28 AW109E VH-BRB
    2013-feb-28 EC130B4 VH-IXX
    2013-feb-28 Australia Police EC135T2+ VH-PVE
    2013-mar-01 Australia Police AS365N3 VH-PVD
    2013-mar-01 EC135P2+ VH-VJB
    2013-mar-02 AS355NP VH-ZXX
    2013-mar-03 PHS 206B-2 VH-PHO
    2013-mar-03 PHS 206B-3 VH-NDV
    2013-mar-03 PHS AS350B VH-VCZ
    2013-mar-03 Australia Air Ambulances AS350B2 VH-LSR
    2013-mar-03 AS350B2 VH-LSR
    2013-mar-03 RSAF AS532M1 272
    2013-mar-03 Heliflite Australia AW139 VH-YHF
    2013-mar-03 Australia Air Ambulances AW139 VH-YHF
    2013-mar-03 Heliflite Australia BETA VH-CZM
    2013-mar-03 EC120B VH-WII
    2013-mar-03 Nautilus Aviation EC130B4 VH-ZVX
    2013-mar-03 EC130B4 VH-ZVX
    2013-mar-03 Australia Air Ambulances EC135P2 VH-NVG
    2013-mar-03 Australia Police EC135T2+ VH-PVE
    2013-mar-03 Heliflite Australia R66 VH-YYJ
    2013-mar-03 Heliflite Australia RAVEN II VH-IDW
    2013-mar-03 RAN S-70B-2 N24-010
    2014-dec-15 EC135P2+ VH-VJB
    2015-feb-24 Avalon 2015   PHS 206L-1 VH-PHL
    2015-feb-24 Avalon 2015   212 VH-JJR
    2015-feb-24 Avalon 2015   AW119KX VH-WJY
    2015-feb-24 Avalon 2015   Australia Air Ambulances AW139 VH-YXF
    2015-feb-24 Avalon 2015   RAN MH-60R N48-005
    2015-feb-25 AS350B3E VH-YJB / 317
    2015-feb-25 AS355NP VH-ZXX
    2015-feb-25 EC120B VH-ECP
    2015-feb-25 Babcock Australia S-92A VH-NYZ
    2015-feb-26 206L-3 VH-BYJ
    2015-feb-26 212 VH-JJR
    2015-feb-26 Hawker Pacific 407GX VH-YGX
    2015-feb-26 AW109E VH-RUA
    2015-feb-26 AW119KX VH-WJY
    2015-feb-26 MRH90 A40-016
    2015-feb-27 EC120B VH-KXX
    2015-feb-27 Australia Air Ambulances EC120B VH-ECP
    2015-mar-01 Babcock Australia S-92A VH-NYZ
    2015-apr-03 412EP VH-VAO
    2015-may-17 412EP VH-VAO
    2015-jun-15 412EP VH-VAO
    2015-jul-07 AUSBU S-92A VH-ZUW
    2015-sep-09 Australia Air Ambulances AW139 VH-YXF
    2015-sep-09 Australia Air Ambulances AW139 VH-YXG
    2016-jan-07 Australia Air Ambulances AW139 VH-YXJ
    2016-mar-12 Australia Air Ambulances AW139 VH-YXF
    2016-jul-12 AUSBU S-92A VH-NBP
    2017-feb-28 Australian Army Aviation ARH A38-013
    2017-feb-28 AW109SP VH-CZT
    2017-feb-28 Australia Air Ambulances AW139 VH-YXG
    2017-feb-28 Australia Air Ambulances AW139 VH-TJH
    2017-feb-28 808 Squadron MRH90 A40-006
    2017-feb-28 Australian Army Aviation MRH90 A40-013
    2017-mar-04 EC130B4 VH-VWD
    2017-mar-04 RAN MRH90 A40-006
    2017-apr-03 Flying DisplayRAN MRH90 A40-017
    2019-feb-26 Avalon 2019   407GX VH-BLE
    2019-feb-26 Avalon 2019   429 VH-MJI
    2019-feb-26 Avalon 2019   RAAF AW139 VH-NVE
    2019-feb-26 Avalon 2019   Australia Air Ambulances AW139 VH-XIW
    2019-feb-26 Avalon 2019   Australia Air Ambulances EC135P2+ VH-VJB
    2019-feb-26 Avalon 2019   Microflite EC135T3 VH-UJB
    2019-feb-26 Avalon 2019   USN MQ-8C 168808
    2019-feb-26 Avalon 2019   RAN MRH90 A40-025
    2019-feb-26 Avalon 2019   Safari VH-TKE
    2019-mar Australian Army Aviation ca-32 kiowa A17-016
    2019-mar-01 429 VH-MJI
    2019-mar-04 AH.1 VH-NVW

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