australia Moorabbin

Moorabbin, Victoria

10.4 95 Dandenong, Victoria
19.5172 Frankston Hospital, Victoria
20.8307 Williamstown, Victoria
21.6313 Port of Melbourne, Victoria
21.7322YYBK Yarra River Heliport, Victoria
31.0279YMPC Point Cook, Victoria

37° 58' 40.07'' S - 145° 6' 7.22'' E

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By Date | By Serial

1979 ExhibitType 171 SycamoreVH-GVR
1994-feb-27 S-76AVH-HRP
2000-dec-01 412VH-BZH
2001-jan-20 412VH-BZH
2002-aug-03 EC120BVH-ECP
2002-dec-15 412VH-BZH
2003-oct-17 S-70B-2 SeahawkN24-015 / 884
2003-dec-18 412VH-BZH
2003-dec-27 AS350B EcureuilVH-ALP
2004-jan-18 412VH-BZH
2004-nov-28 EC120BVH-BKU
2004-dec-10 206L-1 Long RangerVH-VDZ
2004-dec-10 212VH-LHL
2004-dec-10 EC135T1VH-GKK
2005-jan-09 412VH-BZH
2005-sep-03 AS350B EcureuilVH-ALP
2006-feb-06 412VH-BZH
2006-dec-07 300CBi (269C-1)VH-PHG
2007-nov-07 205A-1VH-NNN / 335
2007-dec-27 212C-FKGT / 331
2008-mar-20 EC120BVH-YWY
2009-jan-03 212VH-JJY
2012-mar-01 212VH-JJY / 331
2014-sep-04 429N429MD
2015-aug-10 EC120BVH-KXX
2015-oct-01 AS350B3 EcureuilVH-YJB
2015-oct-15 AS355NP Ecureuil 2 / TwinStarVH-ZXX
2015-dec-04 AW139VH-YXF
2018-feb-16 Jayrow Helicopters212VH-JJY

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