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  • australia Wagga Wagga

    Wagga Wagga, New South Wales


    List of aircraft and events at Wagga Wagga

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    By Date | By Serial

    2003-nov-06 S-76A VH-HRP
    2003-nov-16 EC120B VH-ZIO
    2006-aug-04 S-76A VH-LHN
    2010-jan-12 Erickson CH-54A N154AC
    2010-oct-21 BK117B-1 VH-UAN
    2012-feb-06 AW119KE ZK-ISR
    2012-mar-10 McDermott Aviation 205A-1 N232HL
    2012-mar-10 AS350B VH-LEV
    2012-mar-10 BK117B-1 VH-FHD
    2012-mar-10 Coulson Aircrane S-61N C-FCLM
    2012-sep-08 RAVEN VH-KSH
    2012-dec-26 Mackay Helicopters AS350B VH-KGW
    2012-dec-27 Erickson CH-54A N217AC
    2013-jan-08 UH-1H VH-UHH
    2013-jan-09 Erickson CH-54B N179AC
    2013-feb-07 Erickson CH-54B N159AC
    2013-feb-08 AW119KE VH-UCL
    2013-sep-09 Sydney HeliTours AS350D VH-RTV
    2013-nov-01 Kestrel Aviation 212 VH-NNN
    2013-nov-01 RAAF 412 VH-NSV
    2013-dec-11 AS350B2 VH-DKT
    2013-dec-11 AS350B3E VH-ULT
    2014-jan-20 Comercial Helicopters 206L-1 VH-JOW
    2014-jan-20 Comercial Helicopters 206L-3 VH-OZC
    2014-jan-20 206L-3 VH-UHI
    2014-jan-20 206L-3 VH-ONR
    2014-jan-20 Erickson CH-54A N194AC
    2014-jan-21 AS350B2 VH-IQB
    2014-jan-22 AS350B2 VH-AGL
    2014-jan-22 Erickson S-64E N189AC
    2014-jan-29 AS350B VH-IDG
    2014-jan-30 Comercial Helicopters 212 VH-NPN
    2014-jan-30 McDermott Aviation AS365N2 N365JL
    2014-jan-30 EC145 VH-TNG
    2014-apr-07 RAAF S-76A VH-LHN
    2014-apr-08 AW109S VH-XNB
    2014-apr-26 AHPL 412EP VH-VAU
    2014-apr-26 AW109S VH-LBJ
    2014-may-06 AB206A VH-BCX
    2014-may-22 Linfox AW109SP VH-FOX
    2014-jun-14 206B-2 VH-HKB
    2014-jun-20 RAN AS350B N22-020
    2014-jun-20 RAN AS350B N22-016
    2014-jul-21 Australia Police AS350B2 VH-PHB
    2014-aug-05 206B-3 VH-VBX
    2014-aug-26 Kestrel Aviation 212 VH-KHY
    2014-sep-10 AS350B VH-THJ
    2014-sep-13 269C / 300 VH-MZS
    2014-sep-13 Sydney HeliTours AS350B VH-ENC
    2014-sep-19 MD520N VH-EPZ
    2014-sep-26 MD520N VH-INY
    2014-oct-03 MD520N VH-INW
    2014-oct-08 206L-3 VH-ONI
    2014-nov-18 RAVEN II VH-FUX
    2014-dec-19 UH-1H VH-OXE
    2015-jan-23 RAVEN II VH-YDL
    2015-jan-24 AW109S VH-CTC
    2015-jan-25 EC130B4 VH-EEJ
    2015-feb-23 Babcock Australia S-92A VH-NYZ
    2015-mar-02 Australian Army Aviation ARH A38-014
    2015-mar-02 Australian Army Aviation ARH A38-017
    2015-mar-02 Australian Army Aviation ARH A38-018
    2015-mar-02 Australian Army Aviation MRH90 A40-016
    2015-mar-02 Australian Army Aviation MRH90 A40-003
    2015-mar-02 Australian Army Aviation MRH90 A40-018
    2015-may-06 Australia Air Ambulances BK117B-1 VH-IME
    2015-sep-27 Air Ambulance Victoria AW139 VH-YXJ
    2015-oct-03 Australia Air Ambulances AW139 VH-YXI
    2015-oct-04 Air Ambulance Victoria AW139 VH-YXG
    2015-oct-07 RAVEN VH-UBU
    2015-oct-16 Australia Police AS365N3 VH-PVD
    2015-oct-27 Australia Police AS350B2 VH-PHW
    2015-nov-10 Erickson S-64B N6962R
    2015-nov-21 Australia Air Ambulances AW139 VH-YXG
    2015-dec-04 206B-2 VH-ONE
    2015-dec-04 Microflite EC120B VH-KXX
    2015-dec-06 Australia Air Ambulances AW139 VH-YXF
    2015-dec-16 UH-1B VH-DHY
    2015-dec-17 UH-1D VH-UHX
    2015-dec-23 Air Ambulance Victoria AW139 VH-YXH
    2015-dec-28 Air Ambulance Victoria AW139 VH-YXF
    2016-jan-01 CHI Aviation CH-47D N947CH
    2016-jan-02 CHI Aviation CH-47D N947CH
    2016-jan-02 CHI Aviation CH-47D N947CH
    2016-jan-04 RAAF 412EP VH-VAB
    2016-feb-02 Australia Air Ambulances 412EP VH-VAO
    2016-feb-13 UH-1D VH-HUE
    2016-feb-13 UH-1D VH-HUE
    2016-feb-20 Australia Police BK117B-1 VH-PNF
    2016-mar-06 Australian Army Aviation ARH A38-022
    2016-apr-11 RAAF 412EP VH-VAB
    2016-may-06 AS350B VH-UAS
    2016-sep-01 Local Governments BK117B-1 VH-VRP
    2016-sep-01 Local Governments BK117B-1 VH-VRQ
    2016-sep-02 Australia Air Ambulances BK117B-1 VH-SLA
    2016-sep-17 Australia Air Ambulances AW139 VH-YXJ
    2016-oct-24 206L-1 VH-TWO
    2016-oct-24 206L-3 VH-JSU
    2016-oct-24 Australia Air Ambulances AW139 VH-ZXD
    2016-oct-27 Jayrow Helicopters AW109E VH-XUM
    2017-mar-06 RAN MRH90 A40-002
    2017-mar-07 AS355F VH-RLR
    2017-mar-17 CHI Papua New Guinea 234LR P2-CHK
    2017-mar-19 AS350B VH-HBZ
    2017-apr-06 AS350B3 VH-UAZ
    2017-may-05 AW109SP VH-CZT
    2017-may-11 Air Ambulance Victoria AW139 VH-YXK
    2017-may-31 Aeropower MD500E VH-HVO
    2017-jul-14 Australia Air Ambulances AW139 VH-TJJ
    2017-aug-07 AS350B2 VH-IQB
    2017-aug-16 Sydney HeliTours AS350B VH-HVK
    2017-aug-17 RAVEN VH-FHK
    2017-aug-23 Microflite EC130B4 VH-YHS
    2017-aug-23 Microflite EC130B4 VH-NXX
    2017-aug-23 Microflite EC130B4 VH-IXX
    2017-aug-23 Microflite EC130T2 VH-JBQ
    2017-aug-23 Microflite EC135P2+ VH-VJB
    2017-aug-23 Microflite H130 VH-WVV
    2017-sep 412 VH-NSC
    2017-sep-03 RAAF AW139 VH-SYZ
    2017-sep-05 Australia Air Ambulances AW139 VH-TJF
    2017-sep-23 RAVEN VH-KSH
    2017-sep-28 RAN 429 N49-218
    2017-oct-07 RAAF 412EP VH-VAB
    2017-oct-10 Australia Air Ambulances AW139 VH-TJG
    2017-oct-12 RAAF AW139 VH-SYZ
    2017-oct-12 UH-1E VH-UIE
    2017-oct-20 RAAF AW139 VH-SYZ
    2017-oct-23 Australia Air Ambulances AW139 VH-TJK
    2017-oct-25 RAN 429 N49-047
    2017-nov-01 206A VH-JGE
    2017-nov-01 Australia Air Ambulances AW139 VH-TJE
    2017-nov-02 RAVEN II VH-XDZ
    2017-nov-07 RAN 429 N49-048
    2017-nov-08 206B-3 VH-JGT
    2017-nov-10 Australia Air Ambulances AW139 VH-TJH
    2017-nov-12 206L-1 VH-BHF
    2017-nov-24 206B-2 VH-UTG
    2017-dec-02 Local Governments AS350B VH-NFO
    2018-jan-07 206L-1 VH-XAB
    2018-feb-08 Australia Police 412EPI VH-PQZ
    2018-feb-28 McDermott Aviation 214B P2-MSA
    2018-mar-09 Heliflite Australia BETA VH-SLH
    2018-apr-04 McDermott Aviation 214B VH-SUH
    2018-apr-04 Australia Air Ambulances AW139 VH-ZXB
    2018-jun-04 CHI Papua New Guinea 234LR P2-CHJ
    2018-jul-25 Jayrow Helicopters AW109E VH-ZCF
    2018-aug-07 206L-3 VH-CKU
    2018-aug-07 412 VH-NSC
    2018-aug-11 AS350B VH-LEY
    2018-aug-13 AS350B VH-LRW
    2018-sep-05 RAN EC135T2+ N52-014
    2018-sep-11 AS350BA VH-PTH
    2018-sep-22 R44 VH-VDK
    2018-oct-01 Erickson S-64A N176AC
    2018-oct-15 Australia Air Ambulances AW139 VH-TJO
    2018-nov-15 AS350B3 VH-ZMH
    2018-dec-18 Australia Air Ambulances AW139 VH-TJI
    2019-jan-07 AS350B VH-UTM
    2019-jan-08 205A-1 VH-HUE
    2019-jan-08 AS350B3 VH-ELC
    2019-jan-11 Gold Coast Helitours AS350B2 VH-JSM
    2019-jan-28 RAAF AW139 VH-SYJ
    2019-jan-29 Erickson S-64A N176AC
    2019-feb-04 RAAF AW139 VH-SYV
    2019-feb-14 RAN EC135T2+ N52-004
    2019-feb-21 Australian Army Aviation CH-47F A15-301
    2019-feb-23 RAAF AW139 VH-SYJ
    2019-mar-09 UH-1H VH-RSL
    2019-mar-10 206B-3 VH-JZQ
    2019-mar-12 Microflite EC135T3 VH-UJB
    2019-mar-12 State of Idaho UH-60A N563DJ
    2019-mar-29 206L-1 VH-TWO
    2019-mar-29 Australia Air Ambulances AW139 VH-TJJ
    2019-apr-06 AS350B3 VH-ZMH
    2019-apr-06 Kestrel Aviation S-76C VH-KPK
    2019-apr-10 McDermott Aviation 214B VH-SUH
    2019-apr-16 Sydney HeliTours EC135P2+ VH-XMV
    2019-apr-17 ca-32 kiowa ?
    2019-may-09 Microflite AS355NP VH-ZXX
    2019-may-15 206L-1 VH-XAE
    2019-may-22 ca-32 kiowa VH-IKH
    2019-jul-17 Kestrel Aviation 412SP VH-KAC
    2019-sep-13 Kestrel Aviation 412HP VH-KHU
    2019-sep-22 Bushfire AssistErickson CH-54A N247AC
    2019-sep-27 Helicopter Resources AS350B VH-HRD
    2019-sep-27 Helicopter Resources AS350B VH-SRB
    2019-oct-02 Aeropower 369D VH-PLJ
    2019-oct-23 PHS AS350B VH-PHU
    2019-nov-06 Kestrel Aviation 412EP VH-ESB
    2019-dec-13 McDermott Aviation 214B N281JL
    2019-dec-30 222UT VH-JQB
    2019-dec-30 RAN MH-60R N48-021
    2020-jan-02 Bushfire AssistAustralian Army Aviation CH-47F A15-301
    2020-jan-02 Bushfire AssistAustralian Army Aviation CH-47F A15-303
    2020-jan-02 Bushfire AssistAustralian Army Aviation CH-47F A15-308
    2020-jan-08 Bushfire Assist 206L-3 VH-ZUY
    2020-jan-08 S-76B VH-CPH
    2020-jan-09 Bushfire Assist AS350B3 VH-ZBQ
    2020-jan-10 Bushfire Assist UH-1D VH-UEE
    2020-jan-17 Australian Army Aviation CH-47F A15-302
    2020-jan-23 EPS helicopter services 212 VH-UEC
    2020-mar-17 Erickson S-64E N189AC
    2020-mar-20 AW109SP VH-LCF
    2020-apr-08 206L-1 VH-XAE
    2020-jun-02 Kestrel Aviation 412EP VH-KHW
    2020-jun-02 Sydney HeliTours EC130B4 VH-XSV
    2020-jun-11 Victoria Police AW139 VH-PVO
    2020-jun-13 429 VH-MJI
    2020-jun-23 206B-2 VH-YAM
    2020-jul-12 II VH-HLG
    2020-sep-01 II VH-EXD
    2020-nov-03 ca-32 kiowa VH-EJZ
    2020-dec-01 NSW RFS /HT203 412EP VH-VJD
    2020-dec-06 AS350B2 VH-LBT
    2021-feb-23 206L-3 VH-UTJ
    2021-feb-24 AW109SP VH-LHJ
    2021-mar-06 AW109S VH-XPB
    2021-apr-18 AUSBU AW139 VH-ZFM
    2021-apr-18 AUSBU AW139 VH-ZFV

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