united kingdom Plymouth - Anchorage Delta

Plymouth, Devon, England

United Kingdom

Satellite and aerial maps of Anchorage Delta with nearby locations

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0.5273 Anchorage Charlie, England
2.2054 Staddon Heights, England
2.8019 Mount Batten, England
3.1336 Long Room, England
3.1129 HMS Cambridge, England
3.1005 The Citadel, England

50° 20' 12'' N - 4° 8' 30'' W
Plymouth Breakwater

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02-apr-8217-jun-82Operation Corporate

List of aircraft and events at Anchorage Delta

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Reliant class (1983) A131 RFA Reliant 08jun82
Argus class A135 RFA Argus apr82
Tide class A139 RFA Tideforce 04may19
Rover class A273 RFA Black Rover 31may15
Protecteur class AOR 510 HMCS Preserver 01may82
CH-124 Sea King12412 01may82
CH-47C ChinookZA705 20may82
CH-47C ChinookZA713 20may82
CH-47C ChinookZA714 07jun82
CH-47C ChinookZA715 20may82
CH-47C ChinookZA717 20may82
Scout AH.1XP907 07jun82
Scout AH.1XR629 07jun82
Scout AH.1XV141 07jun82
Sea King HAS.1XV654 13may82
Sea King HAS.1XV656 13may82
Sea King HAS.1XV659 13may82
Sea King HAS.1XV663 13may82
Sea King HAS.1XV696 13may82
Sea King HAS.1XV700 13may82
Sea King HAS.1XV714 13may82
Sea King HAS.2XZ579 20may82
Sea King HAS.2XZ580 13may82
WaspXS562 20may82
WaspXT427 20may82
Wessex HU.5XS486 19apr82
Wessex HU.5XS498 07jun82
Wessex HU.5XT756 19apr82

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