Tucson, Arizona

2.7259KDMA Davis-Monthan AFB, Arizona
3.5194 Pima Air and Space Museum, Arizona
10.1233KTUS Tucson, Arizona
15.029565AZ St Marys Hospital, Arizona
16.6 12 Sabino Canyon, Arizona
30.2264KRYN Ryan Field, Arizona

1946 to present

32° 10' 15.21'' N - 110° 51' 18.67'' W

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1980-jun US Marine CorpsUH-1E Iroquois154754
1980-jun US Marine CorpsUH-1E Iroquois154768
1986-mar-01 CH-46D153374
1986-mar-01 H-34A Choctaw57-1726
1987-feb-14 H-34A Choctaw57-1726
1989-nov-04 CH-3C63-9676
1989-nov-05 H-34A Choctaw57-1684
1990 US Marine CorpsCH-53A Sea Stallion152406
1992-jun US NavyHSS-2 Sea King151547
1992-jul US NavySH-3D Sea King154113
1992-oct-01 H-37A Mojave58-1005
1993 US NavyHSS-2 Sea King149923
1993-mar-16 US NavyHH-1K Iroquois157198
1993-mar-16 US NavyHH-1K Iroquois157199
1993-apr-01 UH-1N158230
1993-may-28 AMARCUS NavyUH-2B151329
1993-jul US NavySH-3A Sea King152104
1993-dec US NavySH-3D Sea King156505
1994 US Marine CorpsCH-53D Sea Stallion156656
1994-mar US Marine CorpsCH-46D152574
1994-mar US NavySH-3A Sea King152116
1994-apr-01 HH-3F Pelican1483
1994-aug US NavySH-3A Sea King152113
1994-oct-09 CH-54A Tarhe68-18437
1994-oct-09 HH-1H Iroquois70-2474
1994-nov US NavySH-3D Sea King154117
1995 US NavyHSS-2 Sea King148980
1995-may US Army AviationUH-1D Iroquois65-10065
1996-mar-31 H-37A Mojave58-1005
1996-apr US NavySH-3A Sea King152130
1997-mar-30 H-34A Choctaw57-1684
1997-mar-30 H-37A Mojave58-1005
1997-mar-30 HH-3F Pelican1476
1999-oct-01 HSS-2 Sea King148966
2000 US Marine CorpsCH-53D Sea Stallion157131
2002-sep-01 H-37A Mojave58-1005
2003-mar-18 CH-54A Tarhe68-18437
2004-jan-13 H-37A Mojave58-1005
2005-oct-15 H-34A Choctaw57-1684
2005-nov-01 H-37A Mojave58-1005
2006-jan-18 H-34A Choctaw57-1684
2006-oct-03 CH-54A Tarhe68-18437
2006-nov-24 H-37A Mojave58-1005
2007 US Air ForceHH-53B66-14429
2007 US NavySH-3D Sea King154100
2007-sep-25 H-37A Mojave58-1005
2008 US NavyHSS-2 Sea King148977
2008-feb-12 H-37A Mojave58-1005
2008-feb-21 H-34A Choctaw57-1684
2008-jul US NavyUH-46D153406
2008-aug-29 MH-53E Sea Dragon163057 / HC-45
2008-sep-29 CH-46A151924
2008-sep-29 HH-1H Iroquois70-2463 / GF/AXHF0212
2008-sep-29 SH-3D Sea King156483
2008-sep-29 UH-2A149758 / NW-46
2009-jan-17 CH-54A Tarhe68-18437
2009-jan-17 H-34A Choctaw57-1684
2009-jan-26 CH-46A151924
2009-jan-26 H-37A Mojave58-1005
2009-oct-05 HH-3F Pelican1476
2010-jan-25 US NavySH-60B Seahawk162347
2010-feb US NavySH-60B Seahawk161559
2010-jun-04 US Marine CorpsCH-46D153969
2010-aug-09 US NavySH-60B Seahawk166402
2010-sep-16 US Marine CorpsCH-46D153318
2011 US Air ForceUH-1N69-6625
2011-feb US Marine CorpsCH-46D153350
2011-mar-09 CH-54A Tarhe68-18437
2011-mar-09 H-34A Choctaw57-1684
2011-mar-13 SH-3A Sea King152122 / AK-615
2011-jun-30 H-37A Mojave58-1005
2011-jun-30 HH-3F Pelican1476 / 87-8105
2011-sep US Marine CorpsCH-46D153316
2011-oct-11 HH-1H Iroquois70-2474
2011-oct-11 SH-60F Oceanhawk163284
2012-feb US NavySH-60B Seahawk164461
2012-feb US NavySH-60F Oceanhawk164071
2012-feb US NavySH-60F Oceanhawk164083
2012-feb US NavySH-60F Oceanhawk164084
2012-aug-30 US NavySH-60B Seahawk162107
2012-dec-18 US Marine CorpsCH-53D Sea Stallion156968
2013 US Marine CorpsCH-53A Sea Stallion153707
2013 US NavySH-60B Seahawk162100
2013-jan US Marine CorpsCH-53D Sea Stallion157148
2013-feb US NavySH-60F Oceanhawk164087
2013-jun US NavySH-60B Seahawk162342
2013-jun US NavySH-60B Seahawk163910
2013-jun US Marine CorpsUH-1N159196
2013-jun US Marine CorpsUH-1N159683
2013-jun US Army AviationUH-60L Black Hawk01-26884
2013-jun US Army AviationUH-60L Black Hawk03-26979
2013-jun US Army AviationUH-60L Black Hawk02-26970
2013-jun US Army AviationUH-60L Black Hawk01-26886
2013-jun US Army AviationUH-60L Black Hawk01-26885
2013-jun US Army AviationUH-60L Black Hawk02-26971
2013-aug-20 US Marine CorpsUH-1N160455
2013-dec US NavySH-60F Oceanhawk164081
2013-dec US NavySH-60F Oceanhawk164446
2014-apr-22 US Marine CorpsCH-46F155309
2014-jul-21 US Marine CorpsCH-46D154817
2014-aug US Marine CorpsCH-46D152562
2015-feb-12 US NavyHH-60H Rescue Hawk165258
2015-mar-23 US NavyHH-60H Rescue Hawk165259
2016-apr US Air ForceUH-1F Iroquois63-13146

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